Something's Wrong

I’ve sent an email to support but anywhere in the classic app that shows devices now states “Something’s Wrong”. I can’t see my devices in the Things or Rooms. This is happening on all my phones. Guessing this is not widespread as I haven’t seen anything posted about it.

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Its the same for trying to view the hub. Also sent an e-mail to support. Local automations appear to be running. But, anything to do with the cloud isn’t for me.

Also not listed on

I noticed the past couple of days, my hub has been going inactive several times a day and rebooting itself. I wonder if the two are connected.

It opened my garage door in the middle of the night and now I have “something’s wrong”.

And, just like that, it’s back

Yup. Seemed to be an issue for about 20 minutes. Back now for me as well.