Something to monitor overall power draw identified by individual outlet?


I was wondering if there was something I could integrate with my hub that would tell me power draw from a specific outlet or room?

I did some quick googling but couldn’t find anything. Any help is appreciated!

The Background

I have a garage I do work out of and has a separate AC unit. I would love to be able to not only control the room with my SmartThings outlets and Switches but also be able to pull information from the outlets and AC units on power usage to compare to the rest of my house.

The garage is not on a separate panel but the lines are separated out in the main panel into their own little area.

I am open to any and all ideas!


Most ZigBee and Z-Wave outlets have power usage reporting. Including the SmartThings ZigBee outlets.

I use the old Z-Wave appliance rated outlet from Aeotec to monitor my garden lights usage (lots of lights… Finally all LED).

There are lots of switches and plugin outlets you can use, Monoprice has a bunch of them, ZooZ and Dome also has a few:

plus many more depends on specifically what you’re looking for. Each one is unique in what parameter is reports and how you can use it, see the links above to get an idea of how they differ


Thank you! I have some reading ahead of me.

Do you know if any of them support 220v?

Thank you! I did not know. I’ll have to start looking into that.

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If you’d prefer to simply monitor the whole garage as a single device (depending on the wiring), you could use an Aeotec HEM Z-Wave device. This would be installed on the lines from your panel that feed the garage.