Energy Monitor Plug

Hoping someone here can help out…
Ive been looking for a 15 A energy monitoring smart plug that works with smartthings. Anyone have any recommendations?

Ill be plugging this into my inverter and backup sump into this plug. This way ill be alerted whenever the backup kicks on.

Ordered a GE 15A plug the other day but it doesnt have monitoring on it - cant set any notification rules of it draws any power.

Any help is much appreciated!

Think i finally found one. Sharing in case anyone else comes across this

Zooz Z-Wave Plus Power Switch ZEN15 for 110V AC Units, Sump Pumps, Humidifiers, and More

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Jasco makes a zigbee one. Works well for me.

You can check out the Monoprice Smart Plugs that support upto 15A with a variety of monitors built in from Volts, Amps, Power, Energy and even Power Factor monitoring and even have a few USB ports which can get for about $20 on sale.

I am using the Iris one. Got 4 at the Lowes clearance last month for around $10 @.

That’s a good one.

I use mostly IRIS Plugs. Have about 30 of them and they all work great. Washer, Dryer, Humidifiers, De-Humidifies, Electric Car Chargers, RC Chargers, Refrigerators…all draw a good amount of current and never had any issues.

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You have the Iris one on your Dryer?!? They are only rated to 120v and 12A. It didn’t blow when you applied 220 to it?
And your typical washing machine is 10A. That’s a little too close to the 12 A limit for my tastes.

Some dryers run on natural gas for the heating element…

Yeah…but why bother monitoring the electric on a gas heater?

Usually so you can get notified when the laundry cycle is complete.

Would be hard to discern when it was done vs. just not needing hot air right now. My dryer continues to tumble when it’s done so that the cloths don’t get wrinkly. I’m assuming whatever ignites the gas to get hot air is nothing compared to the motor that spins the dryer. But i haven’t seen a gas powered dryer in years so I don’t know anything about them.

I have a contact on my dryer and an IRIS Power Plug.

For me:

Rule Group 1:
If the dryer stops
Send notification
If contact has not opened within an hour
Send notification that the clothes need to be put up
If dryer door stays closed
And dryer stopped
Then Flash Lights and send notification

Rule Group 2:
If the washer stops
And the dryer is not going (monitoring the current with IRIS Plug)
And the dryer door is closed
Then wait 30 minutes
Send a reminder that the clothes need to go into the dryer
Wait 30 minutes
Flash lights and send reminder
Wait 30 minutes
Turn Off Entertainment and send reminder

Rule Group 3:
Count the loads finished for the day and week after ever load and send notifications

Rule Group 4:
If no laundry has been done by Tuesday at 4pm, send notification and start harassing people.

All of these rules rely on an IRIS Plug on both the washer and dryer. My dryer is gas…

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Slightly askew from the discussion, but still related to energy monitor plugs …

Is there a way to have an energy monitoring plug that I could use just for the monitoring? That is, there would be no way to remotely turn it off. This is me being paranoid … I want to know when my sump pump is running, but I don’t ever want anything to (accidentally) turn it off.

I guess you could take the switch capability out of whatever DTH you’re using. Then it can’t turn it in or off.

You can use a home energy monitor device, which has a pair of clamps you place around each wire. This way, there is nothing that can interrupt the power.

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I have the same fear using these switches as monitors. There is an automation i use from the marketplace where if i do accidentally turn this switch off, it signals to turn it right back on. Seems tk work just fine.

The new version of the Zooz ZEN15 Power Switch will have that option built-in so look for VER. 2.0 of the ZEN15 in a couple of months. You’ll be able to disable on/off control directly in the plug’s firmware without going through the hub. What @WCBeavis suggested is a great workaround in the meantime!

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