Smart plug power draw notification?

Does anyone know of a smart plug with energy monitoring that I can set up to notify me if there is s drop or loss in power? I want to put one on my freezer so that we get notified if the freezer itself does our or begins having issues before we lose hundreds of dollars of meat. It seems the smart plug 7 from Aotec can do it but I dont have a z-wave hub or radio. Zigbee or wifi would work great.

There are planting of choices. What country are you in?

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Im in the USA.

This works for me

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring,15A Smart Outlet, Zigbee Repeater, ETL Certified, ZigBee Hub Required,Work with Home Assistant,Compatible Echo Devices and SmartThing

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Are you able to set up the automations with triggers at certain power levels in the smartthings app?

Yes, you can use power draw as a trigger. I have a few routines that do just that.

Typically of the form, if power < X kW for more than 10 minutes then…

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