Something seems up

(Andrew Cockburn) #1

Unable to turn my lights off either by SmartApp or via IOS app - anyone else seeing something similar? I have now to turn them off manually to retain WAF …

(Andrew Cockburn) #2

Yep, totally off the air.

(sd ) #3

Yes. I just noticed this. Very annoying! None of my SmartApps related to lights got triggered

(Andrew Cockburn) #4

Seems like a glitch - I rebooted my hub now I have everything back - I am grateful but not what I was expecting on a Monday night … I would like to reiterate that basic things like turning lights off and on need to be rock solid before we start talking about smartapps to do clever things.


I’m all good. I’m over 800 miles from home right now, and the wife confirmed I’m turning lights on/off remotely back at home just fine.

(Andrew Cockburn) #6

I’m happy for you - all good here again, another unexplained glitch …

(sd ) #7

I did a restart as well and they seem to work as expected.