Off as Toggle Freaking out today?


My Living room light keeps toggling on and off all day today… seems to be triggered by Off as Toggle App… it is just happening randomly… i tried rebooting my hub…


I have been having the same issue for over a month. Initially, it was sporadic; switches triggered by the app in my kids’ bedrooms would turn on by themselves, and be on all day unless we happened to go upstairs and notice them. This was happening typically in the mid morning, which was confusing because the app was tied to my bedtime mode. After multiple emails to Annie from Support about it, I realized that, apparently like many others, mode switches weren’t working appropriately. After this recent hub update, the modes are switching appropriately, and the Off as Toggle malfunctions had been limited to just bedtime. Strangely though, the issues were only occurring with my daughters’ switches and outlets (each room has a GE light switch and a GE outlet that were used in the app), and the app was working just fine with my hallway GE light off-toggling the Aeon micro switches I use in my kitchen. Finally, about a week ago, I’d had enough and just deleted the app for my kids’ rooms and everything has been fine. The kitchen set up was still working fine until last night when the lights kept turning on even when I’d shut them off via off as toggle and within the SmartThings app. So I just deleted it before going to bed.
I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m glad I’m not alone. I think I’ll get in touch with the developer because I really like the app.


yeah - i’ve noticed when the hub goes offline, and back on, my bedroom off as toggle would trigger the lamp to turn on .

i think it’s a start-up value that changes it. On the android app, i see a lot of “looks like your connection is back!” toasts, my guess is that’s the hub either losing connection, or perhaps switching servers. I thought one of the posts mentioned presence, status, etc would be “polled” from multiple servers. i wonder if that has something to do with it.

kids got freaked out - so i had to kill the app - i too use it often for rooms that have ceiling fans and lamps. it’s actually one of the apps that got me staying with ST. To accomplish that in Vera was complicated.