Some help with tasker and sharptools

Would anyone be able to point me in theright direction.
I have tasker and sharptools all set up and it’s turning my tablet I use for action tiles of when I press the goodnight routine.
But I have a custom shm setup in the morning to execute between a certain time (6am-8am) and when it detects motion it will turn on certain lamps , that all works as should.
Now I want to link tasker to this so it will wake my tablets screen.
I’ve managed to get the screen to wake with a task by using a 1 second pop up but I can’t seem to get it to turn on at the same time as my lamps.
Any ideas @joshua_lyon
Oh and how come when I subscribe to a routine I can’t just choose 1 routine it does them all?

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Thanks for tagging me. What are you looking to use as the trigger to wake your tablets screen? If you want to use the routine execution as a trigger, it sounds like you are headed in the right direction.

Like you mentioned, SharpTools has you subscribe to all routines - specifically the Routine Executed event for your location. In Tasker, you can then use Event > Plugin > SharpTools > Routine Executed to trigger a Task whenever a routine is executed and use the variables it sets to determine if you should trigger your action or not.

When the Routine Executed profile is triggered, it sets a variable called %st_routine which includes the name of your routine. You can use that %st_routine variable in your Task to create a conditional action with IF conditions. So if your routine which automatically executes in the morning is called “Good Morning”, you would create an IF condition:

IF %st_routine ~ Good Morning

If I misinterpreted, please let me know. I saw mention of an “shm setup”, but I didn’t think SHM can trigger activity, so I assumed you were referring to a Routine which has a “Things Start Happening” trigger.

Hi thanks for the reply.
Yeah it is a routine I’ve called “Morning routine”
I think it’s the if condition I’m getting wrong.
So I’ve just created the profile like you said
Event> plugins> sharptools>execute routine
Then configure & apply.
And the task is a standard pop up alert of 1 second that should wake my screen and if I’m right with what you say ive added the
%st_routine eq Morning routine to the IF pay within the task.
When I type the routine name is it case sensitive so I need the capital letters?
I’ve noticed on my IF it says eq and not the ~ symbol is that right ?
Here’s my screenshots

Lol just realised I can test it by running the routine I was going to wait for the morning.
It worked great.
Thanks I was putting a time restriction and in the IF I was connecting it to the motion sensor and didn’t think about connecting to the routine.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Glad we got it all worked out and thanks for posting the update!

For anyone else who finds this in the future, the eq conditional operator in Tasker means the text must be identical. The ~ operator means Tasker uses “matching”. There’s a couple documents on it (flow control, matching), but the short version of it is matching let’s you do partial matching, wildcard, case insensitive, etc. In this particular scenario, eq and ~ should have the same results since my example used capitals and didn’t use any wildcard characters.

  • * matches zero or more characters
  • + matches one or more characters
  • Patterns that are all lowercase are case insensitive
    • Patterns with any capitalization in them are case sensitive

The Matching Documentation has additional rules / features

You can see how this could be useful if you wanted to have the pattern match against multiple different scenarios. For example, imagine you had several routines related to the morning like “Good morning”, “Morning Routine”, and “Morning Coffee Start”.

With normal eq matching, you would have to add three different IF conditions with OR operations. For example:

IF %st_routine eq Good morning 
OR %st_routine eq Morning Routine
OR %st_routine eq Morning Coffee Start

If you used pattern matching, you could a simple pattern like the following to match any of the three routines being executed:

IF %st_routine ~ *morning*
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Ah right
Thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:
It does work ok but my tablet I’m using for action tiles is not paying ball for sone reason no matter what alert type I choose it never turns the screen on and if the screen is on it turns it off lol.
But that’s a issue my side with my tablet as I’ve tested on my phone and works great.

What kind of tablet is it? I’ve seen people use different methods on different devices.

As Android has evolved, it seems they’ve locked more of these features down. In some cases, that means having to disable the lock screen or rooting the device which might be OK for a dedicated tablet, but might not work for your main phone for example.

  • Tasker: Display > Turn On is available on some devices.
  • Use a plugin:
  • Dim the screen to 0% (and optionally show a black scene), then dim the screen back to full brightness when needed.

It’s a old nexus 7 I head which is rooted.
It’s strange because last week when I was testing different things out with takes it did work with pop ups lol.
Might have a look at that secure settings anyway as I want to get the location plugin also as I’m trying to figure out how to set my phone to read my text messages when I’m driving lol

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