Leverage Android Smartphone Alarm clock to activate Scenes/Routines?

I have an Android device and every day I seem to have a new alarm clock time to wake up between gym workouts, early meetings, etc.

Is there anyway I can trigger a routine/Scene in Smartthings based on when my alarm clock goes off?

Since you have android, I would think you would be able to do this with SharpTools and Tasker, but @joshua_Lyon would know for sure. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the reply. I tried using Tasker in conjunction with IFTT webhooks but it seemed like it would only work for a day or two before I’d need to regenerate the authentication code to get it to work again. It was by no means reliable so I gave up on it. I’m thinking maybe there’s some other route I could go through Webcore or something more specific to Smartthings? I’m not super well-versed in sending and receiving calls to a web-service, but I’m sure I can figure it out with some direction.

SharpTools is a set of Tasker plugins specifically designed for SmartThings. So if you already have figured out how to trigger your Tasker Tasks based on your calendar/alarm events, then all you would need to do is setup a “A Routine” plugin in your triggered Tasker Task.

You can find some examples of other use cases for SharpTools here:

Edit: I would also note that SharpTools is all configuration - no need to worry about the details of webservice calls or anything. Just authorize SharpTools once when you setup the app and then you’ll be able to simply select which routine you want to trigger from a drop down.

And if you find that you’ve outgrown the simplicity of the drop-downs, there are some powerful integrations with Tasker Variables. :smiley: