Trigger routine while on the phone?

I work from home, and have a 14 month old son that runs around. So my wife and I created a clever ‘routine’ to let her and my son know when dad is on an important phone call. I have an “On Air” routine that I can trigger that tells my Hue lights around the house to turn red. When I’m done with the important call, I select “I’m Back” and it resets the lights to white. This was actually my wife’s clever idea to have a light like they do in radio and TV stations indicating when they are “on the air”.

Now my question for the community is how to make this more automated. Having to remember to change the scenes every time I get on or off a phone call is becoming a pain. Does anyone know of a way that we could create an App that changes state based on being on the phone or not? I know it’s built into iOS because when my phone rings, the music stops playing.

Open to any ideas or testing and code someone might have.


This can definitely be done on Android using Tasker + SharpTools, but I’m scratching my head trying to come up with a solution for iOS. I don’t recall apps like IFTTT or Workflow having a phone call trigger, but it seems like iOS developers do have access to phone call status through the Core Telephony Framework and CTCallCenter.


@joshua_lyon I wish you had something like this for the iOS users! #envy

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I have access to several ios devices but never really played with them much as Android is my primary device. I believe that either Launch Control or Workflow might allow for some automation, but the problem is that gap between iOS and ST, which is what SharpTools takes care of on the Android side.


I miss Tasker. :pensive:

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It’s either my IOS or my phone network (Sprint) that does not allow me to use the internet while I am on the phone. So, I cannot open the garage door when I arrive home if I am on the phone.

When my wife arrives home the door relay clicks twice. It opens it, then when she pulls into the garage, it closes it. kinda crazy, unsafe, but she thinks its cool. I think this happens because she has a presence sensor in her glove box. If she is on the phone the ST detects the presence sensor and opens the door and does not activate the relay the second time.

I think once I can add her as an additional user this will be fixed. Also, I don’t understand why the hub doesn’t communicate with the Ecolink tilt sensor that the door is already open and it does not need to turn the relay on.

This is genius! I work from home and this is a fantastic idea…my kids are older, but they still just walk in and start talking. I have an office phone with a handset lifter (I use a wireless headset) so I could use a tilt sensor to make this work for me!