Question about Routines

I am setting up a Morning Routine to execute if there is motion at certain motion sensors but only between 6:00 am and 10:00 am. My question is do these settings work together or is it an either or? In other words, will the Routine execute if there is motion at 3:00 am?

It’s an AND statement, so both have to be true.

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But on the Routine screen under Additional settings it says “Automatically perform “Good Morning!” when…” and then under that it says ‘One of the configured triggers occur’.

I have a good morning routine that runs when motion is detected, it’s restricted to run between 6am and 12pm only.

OK, this is how I have it set up but I was just wondering if it meant that it would only detect the motion between these times (which is what I want to happen) or if it was either or because it says “One of the configured triggers occur”.


In this case, the configured trigger is, “when motion is detected during this time window.”

OK, thanks for the help!

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You can configure the time in two places. You are correct, the OR screen is the first screen. Then when you select “things start happening” there is a restriction just for the motion on that screen. So, both are possible. You could have it triller at 3am or if there is motion. or you could trigger it at 3am if there’s motion.

Also, remember you don’t have to trigger a routine from the routine itself. You can trigger a routine from WebCore and get as complicated as you want with the trigger.

Your right! I looked at the Routine again and I noticed that I had “At a Certain Time” selected and I had put in 6:00 am in there and then I also had “When Something Starts Happening” and I had the motion detectors selected and a time between 6:00 and 10:00 am. So I took out the first trigger of At a Certain Time. As for WebCore, I love it! Use it for all sorts of things but if I can use LAN way over a CLOUD way, I use LAN.

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Webcore is great, but FYI routines don’t run locally. They’re just as cloud-dependent as webcore is.

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Really? I thought that anything running directly through ST was LAN?

Unfortunately, no. Smart lighting can run locally, as long as each device in an individual automation is eligible for local execution.

That’s it.

Technically smart home monitor partially runs locally. But it’s completely useless as a security system if your internet or the ST cloud is down.