[Solved] SmartTiles confusion

I seem to have 2 SmartTiles installations. I’m confused as to what’s going on.

I have a URL bookmarked that is my SmartTiles dashboard. I’ve been using it for about a year +/-

But on my phone, I went to the SmartTiles SmartApp to add a few new devices. I found that the “Things” portion was blank. So I added my new devices. They did not appear on my bookmarked URL. I checked this Apps URL and it was a new one.

So I have my “old” URL, and now this new URL.

If I go to the API > My SmartApps, I see the SmartApp that matches my phone.

If I go to API > My Locations > List SmartApps > I see the 2 SmartTiles installations.
One of them within the List SmartApps shows the dashboard with the URL I’ve been using for a year, but I can’t figure out how to get it back on my phone to add new devices to it. Nor can I figure out how to delete it.

So, I’m looking for help on how to clean this all up.

Ideally I’m thinking I want to uninstall everything and start fresh with only want 1 app, and 1 dashboard.


Ok, I figured this out.

Apparently within the iOS app, if you go to MarketPlace > SmartApps > My Apps, that’s not the same as going to Hamburger Menu > SmartApps.

The Hamburger Menu > SmartApps is where my 2nd SmartTiles app was hidden & living. Not sure why the 2 SmartApp locations are different

Good to go now.

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The My Apps section of Marketplace is where you will find the SmartApps that you have personally developed or pasted into the IDE.

It doesn’t refer to the SmartApps you have “Installed”, but rather the Apps that you have “Published For Me”.

Thanks for the clarification. It’s been a while since I’ve updated. I think the SmartTiles I had installed was 5.2 or something. Haven’t updated it since the new iOS app was deployed back in Novemberish timeframe :slight_smile:

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