SmartTiles Smart App

Did anyone else lose their smart app for SmartTiles or did I miss a conversation about this?

It’s still there (I hope…) under the new hamburger menu / SmartApps list… Right?!

I don’t like the new App layout, but I think it still functions…

Dashboard > Hamburger > SmartApps > SmartTiles (Connect)

Edit: Actually on any tab at the bottom, the hamburger menu is the same.

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Yep. You guys were right. Thanks!

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@tgauchat I don’t have an option for the SmartTiles (Connect) anymore in my SmartThings app… any ideas? I actually haven’t had it for months after SmartThings went through an update last year and lost all my custom CSS.

Edit: just checked in IDE and there is no SmartTiles app listed under My SmartApps. How do I get that back? I tried going to the website and reinstalling it, but it didn’t do anything,

Install it first, from:

I did, and it did not install the SmartApp. What’s weird is that I can still access the dashboard from the web URL… I just can’t access the SmartApp itself.

The “installer” seldom “hard-fails”…

  1. Please make sure you know your Shard. Ref: FAQ: How to find out what "shard" (cloud slice IDE URL) your Account / Location is on?

  2. Please login to the appropriate Shard IDE/API page and check under “My Locations” / “Installed SmartApps”.

  3. You may need to force delete the SmartApp there (but you will lose the Dashboard(s). You have the option of contacting to assist you if the SmartApp appears under My Locations, but does not appear under: “Automations” in the SmartThings mobile App.