SmartApps not showing in online Web UI but are installed

(scott sams) #1

I noticed that some of my SmartApps don’t show up in the online portal. They appear to work fine but are not listed.
Just wondering if I installed them wrong or these are handled a bit differently. The list below does not show up but do on the IOS app and work.

SmartTiles (Connect)
Wemo (Connect)
Weather Alert
Smart Rules

(Ben W) #2

Where are you looking?

I checked under Locations->Installed Smart Apps and I see SmartTiles (Connect). That is the only one that I have that intersects with your list.

(scott sams) #3

OK I do see them there. Maybe it is that I was looking under My Smartapps - things pulled in via code from github?

(Ben W) #4

Probably. When you log into the IDE at the top its says “My SmartApps” and it makes sense to go there.

(Matt P) #5

I am experiencing the same thing. If I login to the Web UI and click My Smart Apps from the top nav - nothing comes up. However, if I go thru “Location” it works.

Another issue I’m having is I can’t navigate anywhere without getting hit with having to login again and again and again and again. It’s getting old.

(scott sams) #6

This is actually a bit different than what I was originally asking but this happens to me as well but seemingly not all the time. Definitely old on the reauth. First time or two when my portal was blank I thought everything had gotten blown away. Confusing at first for sure. Annoying to say the least now.

(Ben W) #7

Do you have smarttiles open in another tab?

My SmartApps only show apps you have installed via code copy or github.

(scott sams) #8

yea that is what i wondered in original post. must be since they are “mine”