Smart Tiles Install please HELP

I consider myself fairly tech savvy but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to access my Smart Tiles dashboard on my PC or any device really. I clicked Install, it said in installed correctly so where is it? What am I missing? I was able to add it to the Smart Things app but I am completely lost . Really this should be easier…how about a link with Start here…here is your step by step guide…WTH.


Hi MB…

We’ve been negligent in prepping a step-by-step for SmartTiles because all our energy is in completing ActionTiles; which has all of its configuration web based, unlike SmartTiles which is configured within the standard SmartApp Preference pages inside the_ SmartThings mobile App. It’s functional, but a long ways from how easy it will be in ActionTiles.

Let me know if you can find the SmartTiles SmartApp inside SmartThings mobile App, and explore there.

Or hold out a little while longer for ActionTiles. It’s really revolutionary in terms of configuration user interface.


Thanks for the reply Terry. Looking forward to what you have in store for Action Tiles. I finally found the URL. I was confused because it wasn’t showing up in my Smart Things Smart Apps section online.

Thank you.

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The SmartThings mobile App and their API/IDE website has it’s own sprinkling of confusion, doesn’t it? I know I’m in a glass house, but, still; I guess we’re in “good company”.

To find your installed SmartApps in the IDE, you have to look under My Locations (instead of My SmartApps … that’s just the area you write or paste SmartApps in the editor for compiling and storage).