SmartTiles - Authorized, What Next? Where to find installed SmartApps?

I just went though SmartTiles and authorized the SmartApp.

According to directions I’m to: Close and re-open the SmartThings Mobile App, tap SmartTiles (Connect) from the list of your installed SmartApps…

The only “list” I’m familiar with is when going to Marketplace, click “SmartApps” then “My Apps” on the bottom.

Having done this I’m not finding SmartTiles… I’ve tried looking around other areas of Marketplace but to no avail…

I’m assuming I’m missing something but not quite sure what… Can someone help me on this???

Open the mobile app, it should open in the Dashboard. Click the harburger menu (three horizontal lines) and then select SmartApps, SmartTiles should be in your list.

Edit: I can’t spell before lunch (hamburger!)


What @eibyer said.

The marketplace is for officially-published SmartApps that you have not yet installed.

To see the list of SmartApps that you have installed to your account, click on the menu icon in the upper right of the screen

Then tap on “SmartApps”


Hi Bobby,

I have updated the Installation Complete web page to mention where to find your list of Installed SmartApps (i.e., under the hamburger menu, which is best described with a picture…). SmartThings only moved the SmartApps list to this page a few months ago … which can be frustrating for anyone who has made a lot of screenshots and/or videos demonstrating how to install or configure a SmartApp! Then again, I only posted such photos informally in the Community forum here from time to time.

Big thanks to @eibyer and @JDRoberts for pitching in with their helpful solutions!

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Thanks all, I never noticed the SmartApps option under that menu before.

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