Unexpected drivers appearing on my hub

Just noticed Bose and “Harman Luxury” drivers on my hub. I didn’t install these and don’t have any Bose or Harman devices. Any ideas why they should appear? Memory is tight on my hub and I don’t want unneeded drivers wasting resources.

Plenty of discussion around this here:

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Yes, they are stock LAN drivers. There should also be JBL, Philips Hue, Samsung Audio, Sonos and Wemo.

It was originally the case that they had to already be installed so the hub could run their discovery routines to see if they were needed. It is now possible to detect devices earlier and so only run the required drivers. However it seems that they really still need to already be in the hub storage as things would get too slow if they were loaded on demand as they are with e.g. Zigbee. Storage isn’t considered to be as constrained as memory so there shouldn’t be a resource problem but that doesn’t make it any less irritating that they are there.

I’d personally prefer to be able to preselect which LAN drivers I want available, but I appreciate that approach might not work for everyone as users expect things to just work or they may blindly disable things they need.