Solution: "Cheap" water leak detection and water shut off


I think it may be a common topic/question, but I never found anything here that would explain which solution works with Smartthings well and is cheap.

So I was able to setup a water shutoff when water leak is detected and thought I would share. You can see the video here (at least until my google photos are full):

I use Smartthings hub obviously,
4 Smartthings Water Leak sensors (maybe other cheaper sensors work as well?):ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=smartthings+water+leak&qid=1602940938&sr=8-2

And what is the most important thing, Zigbee Water Valve actuator from aliexpress. (

Be careful, first time I bought one from “Moes” seller and unfortunately got a wifi “smart life” version, even though description said “zigbee”. From the link above i got a zigbee version.

I added the valve into the smartthing app (it found a “Thing” without any features), and then modified a handler to “Zigbee Valve”:

Now in Smartthings app I get the valve and the integration with Smart Home Monitor as expected.

Also what is important, all sensors and valve actuator is processed locally (didn’t try without internet but I expect it to work). [CORRECTION: According to JDRoberts it’s not processed locally - see below]

Hope it helps anybody looking for a clear solution to water shutoff automation,


Nice write up! I’m sure it will help a lot of people. :sunglasses:

One small point: the old Smart Home Monitor (SHM) from the classic app was able to do some things locally. However, it will be going away when the classic app goes away in a few weeks. And the new security feature, SmartThings Home monitor (STHM) does not run anything locally, it’s all cloud-based. in the new V3 app, only some parts of The official smart lighting feature run locally at this time.

Good to know, even though it’s disappointing that it’s not local. Thanks.

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