Iris Smart Water Shutoff Valve?

This just came available from Lowes

Smart Water Shut-off Valve from LeakSmart by WaxmanTM Available in select stores and on in late October/early November* $159.00; Item # 579898

I wonder if this is Z-wave?


Hey Good Find!

Here is more info about it on an IRIS Site, I found another site that says it’s a Works with IRIS product so that sounds promising.

Amazon has a similar model 8810200 versus the 8810300L Not sure if it’s Z-wave either

Must have been reading the same release…


Does it pair with SmartThings?

Not sure, the pic’s are from the Iris forum link above.

It’ll pair as a “ZigBee Water Valve”. It requires our ZigBee firmware version 1.5.4 (same as the GE Link Bulbs). I won’t go as far as saying it’s certified but it’s been tested heavily.


That is awesome news!! As someone who had a flooded basement last year, I sure would like to have this in use👍

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I like it also. I like the idea of automatic monthly tests. Valves will freeze over time if not used periodically. I’ll have to see about adding a smartapp to do it for my FortrezZ I already have.

Seems like the best choice out there right now.

This water valve is 20% off right now at Lowes.

Anyone pair this device recently?

Now on sale for $95.40 at Lowes

With the last update this should work now…?

@Tyler is this valve close to being officially supported?

@Ben @Tyler
I saw this valve used in your CES YouTube videos, now that we have the new Zigbee firmware is this valve close to being approved internally by Smartthings ??

This valve is not yet on our official compatibility list. Even so, if you’re on ZigBee firmware 1.5.4 it will pair and operate as expected.


Thanks Tyler!!!

I appreciate the response!! This is a great item for any homeowner at a reasonable price.

This is one of those items that you do not test out and install easily like a door sensor, many people need to know it works before cutting into their water pipes!


Does anyone on here have one of these valves working with Smarttings?

I am traveling to the U.S. soon and plan on stopping by a Lowe’s store to pick one of these up.


I don’t I am using a different valve that is connected to a mimolite.

Per Tyler’s response above it does work.

Just completed my installation of the LeakSmart. The overall install was easy if you know how to solder pipe joints. Once plugged in ST found it with out issue as a valve. The actions to open and close the valve occur with only 3 a second delay.

Integrating with my leak sensors to automatically close the valve if a leak occurs was not so cut and dry (ha ha). From what I can tell there is no smart app to do this action. I thought Dry the Wet Spot would work based on the description but it is designed to turn on a pump not off a valve. To get around this I took the Dry the Wet Spot code and made (3) adaptations and posted as a MyAPP

  1. flipped the on command to off
  2. removed the action to turn on when the sensor triggers dry
  3. removed the time out feature

I took this one step further and also wired in a switch to turn off the pump in-case of failure. Again using adapted code from Dry the Wet Spot. Tested and woks great both pump and valve cut the flow with in 5 second of the leak sensor being triggerd.

Because Dry the Wet Spot only had 1 to 1 relationships I had to set up (2) my apps per leak sensor. A little messy, think I might try edit the code to do multi sensor and multi device selection. For now it does what I wanted, turns off the water flow if a leak occurs.


@Anyway, pretty cool!. I did something similar for a MIMOLite controlled water valve, but I created my own device type to add a capability so that my leak detector could open/close it. I added the ALARM capability and then added code to close the valve based on an alarm condition.

If you create your own device type with those capabilities, you can then add a new action for your leak detector in Damage & Danger to “Turn on these alarms” and select your water valve. You don’t need any other SmartApp if you do it this way. It’s all handled through ST’s Dashboard.

Just for fun I took ST’s Zigbee Valve device type and made those changes. I don’t have a valve like yours to test with, but just in case you want to try, here it is: (select Raw to get an easy way to copy/paste the code)

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