Water sensor - shutoff valves?

I initially intended to copy FloodStop devices where there is a device for your dishwasher, washing machine, ice maker,etc but someone pointed out that you are better off turning off the water at your main entrance.
I did some research and found several devices that will close your existing main valve, however my valve is very hard to turn so I’m sure they would not work.


I then looked for valves that you would sweat into the pipes… however the one i found, they said was not for drinking water and the one they recommended that would be ok was $240.

Does anyone know of a 3/4 sweat water valve that is good for drinking water ?
My other alternative is to replace my existing valve (assuming that it would be easier to turn - not sure it would be)

Thoughts ?

I installed - rather my buddy who is a master plumber installed a Leak Gopher https://getaleakgopher.com/ in my water softener loop. Works great.

I also use Dome leak sensors because they have a rather convenient remote probe i could fit under my dishwasher and my washing machine. https://www.domeha.com/z-wave-leak-sensor

Coupled together, my water main in the home is shutoff within 90 seconds of a leak detection. (And yes I use default device handlers for all of these so they are executing locally)

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I installed a water valve from these guys:

They have newer stuff that I just noticed, so I’ll have to look into their new valve and meter device, but their previous gen valve works great. I got it new from eBay for less than $50.

This is their newer version of what I have:

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I had the same issue so when I ordered my DOME Shut-off water valve… https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/products/dome-z-wave-plus-water-main-shut-off-valve-controller-dmwv1 I also purchased at the time a SharkBite Water value https://www.amazon.com/SharkBite-22222-0000LFA-Valve-Connect-Copper/dp/B003128NXA/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=sharkbite+water+valve&qid=1590542355&sr=8-3 which is every simple to install! I have installed several sharkbite fittings over the years and love them. Though I was surprised when my little DOME zwave shut-off valve actually had enough torque to turn my rusty and hard to turn valve. But if it couldn’t, I was ready with the SharkBite valve. I use this DOME water valve with 8 Xiaomi Aqara Smart Home Water Sensors https://www.gearbest.com/home-smart-improvements/pp_668897.html and basically cover my entire house and the Xiaomi were cheap and have been solid to date for me.

WOW are you saying you don’t have to solder the sharkbite valves ( I have 3/4 copper

I did go and buy 2 different valves from Menards that are easier to turn but would need to be soldered. I’ve done that many times but always makes me nervous…especially for my main water line.

On the LeakSmart valves do they work with the SmartThings hub …none of their documentation says so.

Thanks !!!

Another question on the LeakSmart … if you use with a ST V2 Hub that has battery backup… if power goes down, and a ST water sensor detects water will the ST still work and close the valve ?

Their website isn’t the greatest in letting you know, but on one of their models is says ST: (Protect w/Flow, but so should the other since they’re all Zigbee)


I have their previous model which 100% works with ST right out of the box. You can still find those new:


Here’s a new one bidding for just at $35:

Another for $80 (includes shipping):

All the devices I use run local to the hub, like my LeakSmart valve:


Since ST will use a smartapp or an automation to trigger the valve when a leak happens, like within SHM or STHM, those apps are NOT local to the hub. If you lose power and your Internet goes down, you’re SOL with any solution unless you go with a complete closed system (which is their most expensive solution), or with another HA solution like Hubitat.

What I’ve done to help work around that is to have my router and fiber devices on a UPS power supply. If I lose power AND internet, then I am definitely SOL.

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Hi …I stumbled across this…

I will have to shutoff internet and see if it works : )

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Good catch with Smart Home Monitor (SHM), but with the new app it’s called SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM). I don’t believe anything (yet) with STHM is local.

Smart Lighting can’t use valves because it’s not looking for devices with “valve” capability. You’d have to customize a DTH for that, and then that will not be local to the hub.

BTW, I miss Menards… I use to live in Northern Illinois and I was in their stores every weekend for just about anything I needed.

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Hi @tjodork, I just got an email confirmation from LeakSmart tech support that said their valves do work with SmartThings without their hub, but if you want their valve with the flow meter you’ll need their hub for the flow data to be collected and used by their app.

wow, Thanks for checking…Ya, the flowmeter looks really cool… but a bit pricey …based on that I actually looked to see if there was a separate flow meter I could put in line with the valve…did not find anything yet …but will look a bit more…I have an ESP32 very close by that has extra analog and digital inputs if I was to find something : )
Thanks again !

Here’s a flow meter I currently use:


It’s not cheap either, but it’s a heavy solid brass meter just like what you’d have in your home. My DTH is different than FortrezZ’s. This is one of my favorite devices.

wow that IS really cool ! Nice graphs and report.
But a little more than I wanted to spend : )

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Well I bought the Leaksmart valve off of Ebay and then this measuring device …which I will use the ST_Anything to count the pulses… now to wait for them to arrive and to plumb up

2020-05-29 16_57_48-V-75 Datasheet 1.6.pdf - Foxit Reader

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So I lost the bidding to you? I tried for two of them. Congrats to you.

If you guys get one of these meters, I would be interested on how you’ll set this up with ST_Anything.

Sorry about that … hope you can get one for a reasonable price !
I will admit that I used esnipe. If you are not familiar with esnipe, check it out.

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All I know so far is there is a PS_PulseCounter class that will be used… and you define the polling period and the rate info and its supposed to poll at a specified interval, take the count in that interval and calculate a rate.
I ordered from a place in Canada and it came out to about $50 Canadian…so I think it will be less than 40 US.

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I did some testing and johnconstantelo was absolutely correct …
SHM (Classic App) will run locally and STHM (New app) will not.
This seems crazy that they would do this but…

Anyways, I will set this valve up when I get it under the SHM (Classic App )

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