Smart device that can open or close such valve type

Hi guys,

I have the setup of valve as in the picture attached, I want to have it closed when my leak water sensor detects water, I have already the sensors and I don’t know if exists such main water shut-off device for this type of valve that can be connected through smartthings, maybe you can help me with some recommendations, maybe you have something like that already…

Easy, first I would change the red handles to the more traditional shape, available from any hardware store, then just follow what’s used in this thread, a Zigbee valve controller with local control in ST.

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In my municipality it didn’t matter what the valve type was you couldn’t use them - I had to install mine in my main line (in my case in the water softener loop) on the home side of the main shutoff valve but leave the manual valve intact… Manual operation of the valve in case of a power outage is a requirement here, most of these devices cover the valve if they strap over the valve. In my case I went with a Leak Gopher, and it doesn’t have a manual handle.

There’s all kinds of shutoff valves out there, if it’s Zwave or Zigbee it’ll most likely add in and use the default valve device handlers.

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Ditto here too. Mine is a LeakSmart valve with a battery backup, and the cover comes off to access a manual method. Regardless, I still have mine after the “master” main manual valve.