Solid Blue light. Not getting ip from dhcp

(Mads) #1

I booted up my first Smartthings hub last night. I was running fine for most of the night but now it is stuck with a blue / white solid light.

Tried to reboot it / reset it but still not going on-line. From the dhcp router I can see it’s not picking up any ip’s nor is it trying to. Seems like it is stuck.

I have changed cables, moved ports etc etc.

Please advise. Pretty bad start :wink:

(Robin) #2

Do you have an Xbox?

(Mads) #3

No I don’t.

(Robin) #4

Any ports opened for anything else?

(Mads) #5

No, why should that be an issue? It’s not pulling any ip’s and no leds blinking on the NIC.

(Robin) #6

Because it was for the linked post above, strange things happen…

You probably have a bad hub… very rare based on my experience following this forum. Support will replace it for you I’m sure.

(Robin) #7

This is from the ST support page:

Double-check your network settings and make sure the following ports are open during initial setup: 11111, 9443, 443, 39500, 37, and the NTP port (123)

(Bernie H) #8

Have you rebooted everything?

(Mads) #9

Of course yes,

(Mads) #10

I found the issue. Most likely due to a faulty power supply that was not feeding the hub with enough power and the backup batteries were drained.