Hub stuck on a blue light

I’m having connection issues today with my hub. My lights were very slow to respond this morning so I rebooted the hub (model ETH-200) and I’m stuck on a solid blue. I’ve tried rebooting, removing batteries, waiting, rebooting router, swapping cables etc).

Is anyone else suffering?

Hi Michael,
Its a long time ago now, but my V2 hub used to have occasional blue light episodes.
If it has not resolved itself by now, log into your router’s admin interface and check its DHCP assigned IP address for the V2 hub. Just make sure it is a valid IP address within your routers IP address range. Then ping that IP address from a Windows command line.
In my V2 hub’s case, I found its IP address ‘way’ outside my router’s class C address range. I configured my router’s DHCP to assign a specific valid IP address and my problem never recurred.
Worth a try.


I’ll look into it.
Thanks Aidan, appreciate the reply.