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Solaredge Device Type?

(Jason Hamilton) #142

I’d recommend contacting EdgeStor and see what rest calls you have available to you. Then if they do allow it and you can make a call using their API for it either do the following:

  1. If you have a linux box lying around setup a cronjob there that runs what you need it to do and evaluates as needed.
  2. Use CoRE to evaluate everything and let CoRE make the calls for you.

Personally I think that option 1 is easier but with option 2 you could create a device type for your EdgeStor (unless one already exists) and have CoRE do the comparison there and make the call if needed. I’m just not sure about how to check what the forecast is supposed to be with ST.

(Ray Toth) #143

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who helped build this for SolarEdge monitoring! Just got it set up for my system and it’s working great so far. One question - has anyone tried to integrate this into the SmartTiles setup?

(Barry Murphy) #144

Is it possible to obtain data direct from the local unit rather than via solaredge cloud? That way we could monitor it more frequently and also not use up the API quota which I am using for

(John) #146

I use this device type and pvoutput and don’t have a problem using up my API quota (at least, that I’m aware of).

I had looked into direct access 2 years ago and found the link below. I don’t use it, however, as I didn’t need another dedicated system (even if a RPi) to sniff the network packets.

(Andrew Warzocha) #147

I don’t suppose you ever had luck fixing the null size error? Trying to set this up today and getting those as well. Tried recreating the device and that didn’t resolve it.

Tried to manually go to the API call site, not super familiar with it but got a 403 error. Should that be happening?

(Tim Mathis) #148

Just installed using the latest from GitHub. Everything seems to be working fine. Except the graph showed right at the beginning for a second and now it just spins and never shows again. Is there something I’m missing?

(Andreas A.) #149

I assume that you are on Android? Apparently the htmlTile is not really supported there… :cry:

(Tim Mathis) #150

It’s showing up randomly. Most times I look and I get the swirling reload arrow. But every so often it is there. I’m going to load smartthings on my tablet and see if it does the same thing on a different device.

Also yes, I’m on Android. Pixel XL running the latest Oreo version

(Tim Mathis) #151

Works fine on the tablet (Android 5.0.2). Refreshes Everytime. Only on my phone does it not update.

(Peke) #152

is it possible to make it work with actiontiles, i like to see the kwh on a tab in actiontiles.

(Devesh Batra) #153

Hello Everyone,

Just got my Solar Inverter online today :slight_smile: What’s the current App i can use to monitor my Solar production in ST / Actiontiles ?

the links i see are for apps modified ~2 years ago. Are they the latest ?


(Devesh Batra) #154

i tried installing the DTH from the github

and now i’m getting an error when i try to create a new device using this handler in the portal

Oh No! Something Went Wrong!
500: Internal Server Error
Reference Id
Tue Feb 20 20:57:03 UTC 2018

Appreciate any assistance in helping fix this issue



Thanks @ahndee for this great device handler. It definitely goes above and beyond.

I was initially getting 20 second timeout exceptions in the two device.statesBetween() calls for yesterday’s power and energy, which caused the pull request to fail before any data could be downloaded from the Solar Edge site. I commented those out and it appears to be working flawlessly now. I didn’t investigate further since after a few days, the historical data now appears to have been backfilled with real-time data anyway. Not sure why it’s happening with my system, and not a biggy at all since it was a simple workaround. I just wanted to bring it up in case someone else encounters a similar problem.

This provides a critical monitoring capability for me to manage utility demand charges now being levied. Much appreciated!


Could someone write a quick how to for those of us “less experienced” users?

I have a SolarEdge inverter with a seperate wireless adapter that is connected to my router. The screen on the inverter says “zigbee okay” so I’m assuming I can connect to Smartthings.

I read through this thread but I can’t find any info on how to get the inverter paired with Smartthings. I also don’t know how to apply “Core” to anything. I’ve never used it.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you. :blush:

(Drew Schaub) #157

Ive just setup the device in smartthngs, i added my site id and api key. i keep getting the following error in the logs though. Any idea what might be the cause? I wonder if the API site access has changed for solar edge?

11:33:48 AM: error Forbidden @line 320 (pullData)

11:33:47 AM: debug Requesting latest data from SolarEdge…

(Drew Schaub) #158

Yep found Row 320 needs to be changed to:{siteid}/overview?api_key={your api key}

I’m not good at coding so I just hard coded in my api and site ID into the above. Seems to work now.

(Andreas A.) #159

Is the only change a space (%20) in front of “site”? I don’t have access to a SolarEdge system so I can’t really test this myself…

According to the API Specification Document, there is no space there (though they take some liberty with the formatting in that document…):

(Drew Schaub) #160

yes, but if you directly copy it (as i did) there is in fact a space (not that it matters though, it seems like it works in either case). For some reason I couldn’t get the device to successfully pull from solaredge when utilizing the settings input for site id and api key.

(R Scott) #161

Thanks Andreas for the latest Solar Edge Device Handler for my new Solar system. Works great and I like the graphs. Thanks to all for the information in this thread.

(Chad Cole) #162

The zigbee device you have on your inverter only allows the inverter to report & upload the data to your portal. Do you have the ability to view your system online? That’s the first step you have to take and then follow the info here to add a new device and you will be able to see your stats, production etc from within smartthings.