Solaredge Device Type?

Has anyone attempted to create a device type for solaredge? Was just wondering if there was a way I could monitor my solar production through ST. Even better would be an app that uses the Aeon Home Energy Monitor and the Solar output and do the math to tell you if you’re currently over/under producing.


I’m Plus one for that

I had started to look at writing one, shouldn’t be too hard, looks like a nice api, but I didn’t have the time. If I am able to over the holidays I’ll report back.

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Thanks @bridaus for taking a look :slight_smile:

I am interested as well :slight_smile: thanks.

I have built a very basic version of this, which I can share but not yet provide support for (as I have very limited skill !).

You will need to contact your Solaredge installer to get your own API key before you can use the device type, plus you will need your siteId which you should be able to get from your online monitoring portal.

According to the terms of the API I will need to add a Solaredge Icon before I can distribute the device type, once I work out how to do this !

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Rule Machine would be able to compare your solar power and Aeon HEM…even better is to put the clamp from your Aeon HEM onto the feed from the electricity meter and this will then read positive if you are importing, and negative if you are exporting.

I use Rule Machine to switch off devices if I am importing power, and switch on (e.g. greenhouse heater) if I am exporting. It works great !

Yeah I never thought about putting it in the box where the meter is at (obviously the box below the meter since you can’t open the meter box) Only problem I have is no outlet over there on the outside of my house. Where my breakers are currently at outside its nice and covered although I guess I could find a way to fit the aeon device inside of the main box. Very interesting thought you have given me here.

Yeah and if you can share your code for the devicetype that would be awesome. I reached out to my installer to see if they can get me a API key but I’m starting to wonder if my installer went under so I also opened a support case with SolarEdge to see if they can be of assistance. Wish I could just call them but no number listed on the site or at least not that I could find in the brief 2 mins lol.

SolarEdge Support global phone numbers:

US & Canada (+1)
510- 498-3200

United Kingdom (+44)

Awesoem thanks called them and just got my API key. Woohoo they didn’t give me any grief about me calling them either instead of my installer.

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If you share via github or send code direct to me I can setup, host and provide some support. You just saved me a bunch of time!

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Will we each need our own Api?

@Derrek113116 yes because the API is specific to your site. You can either open a support ticket with them or just call them like I did. Once I got through to someone (waited on hold for about 20 mins) he generated it right there on the spot and sent me an email. He even waited till I got the email before he closed out the ticket.

I’ll volunteer myself here as a beta tester for you guys with this.

Here is the first version of Solaredge device type. There are still lots of things I want to do to improve this, but it is a start to get things working.

Note that Solaredge API has a limited number of calls per siteId per day, so I control this by using Pollster to trigger the updates rather than let ST control it. I have a Pollster instance which operates every few minutes during the hours between sunrise and sunset.

You will need to

  1. create a new device type and paste in this code
  2. create a new device in the IDE using this device type
  3. edit the device from within your mobile app, to add the siteId and API key
  4. set up a Pollster instance, if you dont already have one, to refresh at your chosen interval.

Note there is no error handling in this app, as i don’t have the skills to code it !

I am very happy to receive suggestions for improving my basic coding !

Future plans include

  1. set up a tile to show previous days production, and how today compares against it
  2. set up tile to show best ever day, and how today compares against it
  3. set up tile to show monthly performance against expected production data
  4. set up tiles to show how much FIT has been earned. etc etc
  5. add Solaredge Icon tile
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Thank you @djtucker for your awesome work on this. So I plugged in the info for the siteid and apikey but nothing is showing up. Just to confirm if yours is the same my api key was given to me as just one solid string no - in it. Also I’m using that URL that you have provided in the device type for the api. Is there anything else special that I need to add to it? Thank you for your awesome work on this.

Ok well confirmed with a quick curl command that my api is working by plugging in the URL settings. I put everything in through the preferences in the IDE (was easier to copy and paste that way :slight_smile: ) Will continue to troubleshoot and figure out why nothing is showing up for the device :slight_smile:

EDIT: Ok apparently doing the curl command unlocked the door for me and the device is now reporting back to me. Great work on this and I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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You are welcome.

I have received great support from this community, so it is nice to be able to give a little back :smiley:

opened a support ticket with solar edge to get my api, cant wait to at this, thanks for this

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This is awesome! Thanks @djtucker Got my API Key but its not reporting yet.

@TheFuzz4 what exactly did you do to unlock it?

Nevermind…I forgot to add the Pollster Instance…Its workings, great addition to Smartthings!

Got my Api too, added device and edited from mobile app. Now I used pollster to refresh device every 10 minutes and nothing shows. What am I missing?