Solaredge PV integration in 2022


Any usefull solution to integrate Solaredge PV inverter into Smartthings?

Searching Github throws results for HA and others but nothing for Smartthings.

I would like info : currently producing energy, daily, weekly or smth like that…


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would be interesting for me too!

Just some lame/not_a_programer_thinking maybe:
Is it possible to fetch data from “public kiosk view” link:
and display it in tile ?

Key data:
Current Power
Energy today
Energy this month
Lifetime energy

I would be very much interested in this. I have a SolarEdge inverter that is connected via ethernet. Maybe a cloud-to-cloud integration. I have production, consumption, import and export capabilities.

I would be very much interested. I have a SolarEdge inverter that is connected via Zigbee module (slave) and Tesla’s neo gateway(master) attached to router.

Can someone make an edge driver for solaredge via api call?


{“overview”:{“lastUpdateTime”:“2023-04-05 12:38:20”,“lifeTimeData”:{“energy”:776446.0},“lastYearData”:{“energy”:776146.0},“lastMonthData”:{“energy”:312331.0},“lastDayData”:{“energy”:24796.0},“currentPower”:{“power”:11259.0},“measuredBy”:“INVERTER”}}

The use case id like to achieve:
Solar PV integration into SmartThings so my AC turns on when excess solar is being generated!

Doesn’t seem to be a lot going on with solar and home automation which the use cases are endless!

Any news on Solaredge edge implementation on horizon?
Regards, Dusan

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Any usefull solution after migration?

Maybe something is on the way…

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