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Solaredge Device Type?


(John) #122

I just have it [quote=“bridaus, post:121, topic:30950”]
but I recommend polling at night to reduce load and api calls.
[/quote]I think you meant “not”.

(John) #123

I just have it poll between sunrise and sunset:

(I’ve not deleted the original SolarEdge DTH, so I actually poll both. I think I’ll delete that now)

(Jason Hamilton) #124

@Derrek113116 I have the same piston as @jlv and it works great as long as my device is calling the mother ship. I think I need to run a new cable to my inverter since I had a dog chew on the cable a little bit. Anyone ever opened the inverter? Is it just a regular RJ45 plug inside the box?

(John) #125

It was just a regular RJ45 when they installed mine.

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #126

Where do I add the every 15 minutes part I have iOS can’t find it anywhere

(Jason Hamilton) #127

Its under the date/time section. Scroll down and find the wait section

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #128

I don’t see it can you send a screen shot if you don’t mind?

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #129

I have it set up as a simple if time is between sunrise and sunset then refresh solar panel and that doesn’t seem to be doing anything

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #130

I think I found it!

(Derrek Krasnicki ) #131

Or not…

(Jason Hamilton) #132

Thats how mine is configured and it is false for me as well but it does refresh. We can bring in @ady624 to see if he sees anything wrong with it.

( I hate Mondays) #133

Triggers will most likely be false during any evaluation in the UI as they only become true when certain events happen. Ignore the red (false) state.

(Rick S) #134

All I get when selecting the device in my phone app is the spinning circle, it never pulls any data from the system, even though I get data when pulling it directly from the IP in my browser

Here is a screen shot of my IDE log when selecting the device on my phone.

Here is the device in the IDE

Using the Enlighten Solar System DTH from Andreas Amann

Any help would be great

(Brian) #135

I’m maybe a little confused. What is your inverter brand? Mine is SolarEdge.

(Rick S) #136


They are Enphase Micro Inverters

It worked fine for many weeks which is what is weird. Here is a screen shot of it working correctly


(Brian) #137

Ok, we have different configurations. That’s what confused me then.

Are you sure the IP of your system hasn’t changed? Or some other configuration parameter?

Does your Enphase app work?

Oh, I think based on your error messages that it’s simply a bug in the handler. Can you make a brand new device and set it up leaving the old one intact?

(Rick S) #138

Hi Brian,

IP confirmed several times, ever after I swapped out my router last week. I use a DHCP reservation to avoid changing IPs, got burned by that once on my old router.

I can get data 3 ways, from the Enphase app, directly from the Enphase website and from the IP directly which is how the DTH pulls the data.

This all started when I deleted (by mistake) my original device that was working and now each device I create won’t work. I used another DTH and it does work but it uses the Enphase API which is different than how this DTH pulls data. It’s not nearly as nice, doesn’t show the data very well so I know it can work.

Andreas, the DTH developer wrote this as we worked on it sever weeks ago, notice he couldn’t create a new device and get it to work either.
What I did was (1) rename the network ID for my existing device in the IDE, (2) create a new device with the correct parameters, and (3) refresh that new device (more than once). It never got any response from the Envoy but those responses all got routed to the original/renamed device which leads to to believe that there is some very aggressive caching for local device network IDs going on (I remember seeing some posts around here saying the same).

Anyone interested in looking at the DTH and providing some insight?

Thanks again

(Rick S) #139

Well today is my lucky day

I deleted everything except for the GitHub integration and started over and now it’s working :slight_smile:

Can’t explain it but OMG, what a pain

Thanks a ton


Read through the whole thread and the results look amazing.

I have a solaredge inverter but this is my first outing into something this complex.

if someone has the time and wants to help, could I request an idiots quide to this setup please? Hopefully the voyage of discovery will help mine and others starting out.


(Barry Murphy) #141

Hey guys,

I’m about to get SolarPV and i’m going to use SolarEdge Inverter and EdgeStor (not 100% yet on the EdgeStor so do make suggestions). I see this great device type for monitoring your system however has anyone seen or know if its possible to send commands to the EdgeStor telling it which mode to be in.

I want to create a routine that runs at 1am checks what the weather is supposed to be for the upcoming day, if its seeing cloud or rain and the battery isn’t above 50% then charge from the grid which is mode “Charge from PV and grid”. I want to do this because at 1-5am power is cheap, ±5c per kW rather than 20c per kw during the day.

Basically I want to create smarts that are dynamic for the battery fill. There is a commercial product in Australia for this called reposit, it is a lot smarter than I have just mentioned as it also looks at the best time to sell power back to the grid from your storage and also checks what power plan you should be on and makes suggestions.

I really hope someone has created some smarts like this or knows of API calls that will allow me to do it.

Many thanks