So what happened to my Family Hub shopping lists?

In Family Hub i wad easily sble to access the shopping list I built on my Family Hub fridge.

Samsung took care of that. The SmartThings install added an app on the Fridge called Shopping Lists. Okay.

But on my Android phone there are no shopping lists available. Nothing in Life or Connected Devices.

Clues anyone?

I don’t have any personal experience with this, but from what I’ve read, you should be able to add the “smartthings cooking service add-on“ into the “life“ section of the smartthings app, but only if you have registered the family hub refrigerator and have a model which is using Tizen 6.0 or higher. Once you’ve done that,

Food related features like View Inside, Recipe recommendations, Meal Planner, Shopping List, and Food List can be found within the SmartThings Cooking Service Plugin

@Automated_House or @SamsungZell might know more.

Or you could try asking on the official Samsung appliances forum, since there are Samsung employees assigned to answer questions there. (this forum is just for customers helping other customers.)

It is now in smartthings cooking under life tab of smartthings like JDRoberts said. Then click the shopping cart in the top right to see your shopping list. As for the view inside list to see what’s in your fridge that is a bit harder to find and you need to scroll down in smartthings cooking till you see the section “cook with these” and on the right side you click the view inside button. That will then let you see the images of what is inside your fridge. Then you will see a tab at the top to see a list of items inside. Yea its not as simple as just being underneath the fridge in smartthings, a bit hidden.


I found the answer: a stupid implementation.
Start SmartThings, selec Life, Select SmartThings Cooking.
Select the Shopping Cart icon on the upper right. (Might be hard to see)
Select the 3 dots. Select View All Lists

Hey SmartThings - be SMART and make this a SHORTCUT.


Hey, so I’m feeling really dumb…I can get my shopping lists, but how do I mark something off when I’m at the store? When I hit the check mark circle it gives me an option to delete or edit. I don’t want to delete…I used to be able to just check off and uncheck things as I got them/needed them… I can’t figure out how to check things off on my fridge now either.

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Update, shortcut for shopping list was added to the fridge “app” so its easy to access now. yay. Also just noticed you can finally add quantity to an item. And yea you cant move shopping list items to view inside list. But can send view inside items to shopping list. And yea no way to check off purchased items besides deleting it or moving it to a different list.

It took a few days for the app & fridge to finally sync after this latest update. I wish they kept the feature to send checked off items from your shopping list to the View Inside/Food List. You can send items from Food List to shopping list, so why not the other way as well?

I agree with you those were happier times

Okay, following this it looks like others have had success however all I see in Services is SmartThings Home Monitor, nothing else.

Is it possible that this is not available in Canada or something stupid like that? The shopping list is the most useful thing to have on this fridge and they just bricked it for me.

Any ideas?

From what other people have said, if you choose the “life“ tab, you should see some available services, one of which is “SmartThings cooking.“ And that’s where they moved the grocery list to. :thinking:

But I don’t have the refrigerator, so I don’t know for sure.

Definitely available in Canada but nowhere near as intuitive or useful as it was on the Family Hub app.

Its buried in Smart Cooking as mentioned, and the functionality is not as good. I also suffer from sync issues with the fridge where sometimes it does sync between the app and fridge and other times it does not. I just took the screenshots attached to this post and I still see items in my current shopping list that I deleted on the fridge last week. Also - sometimes it will create multiple empty shopping lists, not sure if that’s the fridge or app at fault … my record is 80 of them at once !

Hi, Matt,
Do you know if this was implemented?


As far as I can tell, the functionality has not been updated. Originally, you could set an option to move checked off items from your Shopping List to the View Inside Fridge list, which was really the easiest way to update the fridge with what’s inside and when it was put there. That helps track expirations and suggest recipes to use up expiring items. Without that simple function, all of that tracking and entering has to be done manually. I’m not terribly confident in Samsung’s ability to adequately support everything they’re trying to sell these days. Do it right or don’t do it.

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It is stuck on this loading screen… any tips??? We reinstalled the app… but no luck.

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Same on my android and the smart recipes wouldn’t open and gave an “unknown error”. I cleared the cache for the smart recipes app and now it stops here.


You have saved my sanity. I would have never found this myself. Thank you sooooo much you have no idea how much you helped me

Have you tried Whisk app? I believe you can see your Family Hub (or SmartThings Cooking) shopping lists there if you log in with your Samsung account.

Did you find an answer to this? I am running into the same issue.

no… i think they are in the middle of transitioning between apps and software… i don’t think whatever the integration is supposed to be… its not done.

Im absolutely shocked, just upgraded to tizen and lost my shopping list widget on the fridge, so i went to use my phone shopping list shortcut on my phone home screen (was very handy) only to find i have to load apps and press loads of buttons to get to the shopping list through smart things and then I cant check them off, this was the main function i used the smart fridge for, now it is a stupid fridge, not to mention I’ve lost all my picture widgets of the kids and there is no longer a widget, im really annoyed, i literally wont use any of the functions anymore on a fridge i spent 3000 pounds on, what an absolute load of sh*t