How To Access Shopping List from SmartThings API

I’ve got a Samsung Family Hub fridge, and I’m wondering how to access the shopping list from the SmartThings API.
At the moment I’m using the TypeScript API (@smartthings/core-sdk) but I’m happy to move over to something else if required.

I rather presumed the shopping lists would be considered as Samsung customer data and so if the data is accessible anywhere it would be in a Samsung API and not on the SmartThings side.

However I don’t have any strong evidence for that, so you could call it an assumption and it might be a poor one.


Hi @sasial Welcome to SmartThings Community

If you already have access to the information with the @smartthings/core-sdk you also can consult that information directly on the SmartThings API, if you are interested in using another programming language or tool, I’m not sure how the device stores the information and how to share it with SmartThings, I assume that it uses a custom capability made by Samsung, so you can see more the details of your device using SmartThings CLI or

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I wasn’t able to find it in the capabilities list - which is why I’m asking here!

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@sasial Unfortunately, if that information is not saved on a capability, it will mean that the information is not being exposed to the API. It must be handled internally, so only the manufacturer knows how to handle that information.

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