Latest SmartThings version has too many bugs (Family Hub Refrigerator)

Hello guys,
What’s up with the latest release of SmartThings???
Do you guys run QA before releasing a version and/or removing an existing app?
Family Hub was easy to use, user friendly, IT WAS WORKING!!!
The new interface of SmartThings just doesn’t work.
I can list a few issues, hope you guys can address them. This happens when you open the fridge device.

  1. Inside Fridge view: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I have verified internet signal. 100% fine.
  2. When you go to the shopping list section, it takes your to a browser to login with your ONE AND ONLY EMAIL ADDRESS, I clicked on “Continue” and then system throws me into a list I haven’t created “My shopping list”. Why I can’t delete this default list? It doesn’t make any sense!
  3. When you click on the “<” symbol, you could assume it is to get back to the other lists, guess what, NO! It takes you back to the Fridge View so you have to click again on the Shopping List feature, then AGAIN login using the browser and then again into the undesired-impossible to delete “My shopping list”.
  4. Can’t you create a cookie or something that avoid users from logging in every time they click on the shopping list feature? This is a pain in the neck
  5. Since I want to see my other lists. I have to click on the 3 dot icon → View all list(s) and then thank god I can see the other lists. Interesting that at the top of the app it says “< Shopping list”. I don’t want to go back to a list I didn’t create but ok.
  6. If I’m at the super marked, checking the list, why do I have to delete the items instead of just marking them as purchased (as it used to be in the Family Hub app). It doesn’t make any sense, I don’t want to delete the item, since I have to get some more next week and I want to have them handy.
  7. Test the Add feature, sometimes it doesn’t work.
  8. Depending on the clicks you make, you end up in the login page in the browser, “Continue” doesn’t do anything neither “Cancel” another bug.
    I know early versions could have minor issues, but c’mon, you gotta think on the user at first and the features that are important.
    Hope you can get back to me with some feedback.

Please contact support
or open SmartThings app, Menu, Settings, Contact us,

We bought a new Samsung Family Smart Hub refrigerator recently but the new software update requires users to only use the Smart Things app to use, requires a 4MB download each time you open it, slow response times, inside fridge view stopped working, photo upload only does one at a time (but now stopped working), and the feature set is well below the (previous) native app. Wondering if there is a roadmap to increase the utility benefits of this app soon, as it is a significant departure from how the refrigerator was marketed and why we chose to spend more $ for it. I reached out to SmartThings customer care two weeks ago and never heard back. As of today, the app has pretty much stopped responding.

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Did you notice that even if you have your personal shopping lists, when you use Bixby to add an item, it only lets you add it to the default list created by the system?
Hard to believe they released such a poor app “upgrade”