So Frustrating! Using Bose SoundTouch in automations

Weather report doesn’t run, but ST can start & pause Bose.

Ok, that was a bit of hit and miss. The weather information source has been updated about 2 years ago, and the app might have not been updated for that.

Can you try to install a custom SmartApp?

It is old, but might would work:

The weather report hasn’t been updated in this one neither, but notifications should work with events from devices. The code is not updated anymore by the code owner, because he moved to the Hubitat community.

I’ve installed big talker 2, and it is letting me select my Bose as a speaker, but I am unable to configure a custom message. I’m in the “Talk Now” section, and I am unable to set anything under the “Speak phase, tap to set”

Should I just return the Bose and buy a Sonos?

Try with a trigger, like a light turns on, or a door opens.

Last I tried the Talk Now was not working for me neither. But that was a long time ago.

There are models of Bose speaker that do not support notifications. Only the Bose SoundTouch 10, 20, and 30 in the III series support notifications.

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So it doesn’t support capability “Music Player”? And you cannot play any mp3?

No, both device handlers support playing media. The “LAN Bose SoundTouch” DTH has an “Audio Notification” Capability which the “LAN Bose SoundTouch No Notification” DTH does not have.

So the old BigTalker2 should work with the Media Player capability. As it should be able to play custom mp3. But not the Audio Notifications from the Automations.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I believe that is correct.

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Give it another go with BigTalker2. It should play the notifications for events.

But if you choose to return the Bose for a Sonos, IKEA has a cheap Sonos line called Symfonisk. The lamp is really cool from that. Sonos has Audio Notification capability through its DH and should be more future proof than BigTalker2.

Sonos speaker has finally arrived and I am able to issue custom voice commands!!! However, Google home claims since it doesn’t recognize my voice, it refuses to process my command!!! Wth!!!
My message is “Hey Google, ask Shark to run the vacuum.“ any thoughts on getting Google to cooperate??

So, you are trying to issue a voice command that would trigger a Google Home device?

First, if you set up voice match, then it will not work with your Google Home device, if you are trying to do this with TTS.

Second, if TTS, then that voice might be banned from Google Home devices, to avoid any misuse.

Some examples of misuse:

The solution for you might be to record your own voice and play that back through the speaker.

Or use GAR…

Sigh… yes, it is using TTS. It’s my only built in option. I’ve tried every male voice in Smartthings and a few of the female voices. All say “not recognized”.
Do I need to disable voice match???

If you set up voice match, then nobody else’s voice would work with your Google Home. That’s the whole point of Voice Match. It adds a layer of security and personalised results.

I should elaborate. When the TTS plays, my GH says “since I do not recognize your voice, I can not connect you to shark” or something very similar.

@alsterb, try turning voice match off.

“To let me read out that information, turn on personal results in the Google home app”

It’s working!!! I’m sorry to say that I had to give up on Google though. Literally over $1,000 worth of GH products and it finally took an echo input (free from a friend) to make everything work (and a Sonos speaker).
GH would simply not relay my TTS command thru to the Shark b/c it didn’t recognize my voice. Alexa didn’t care! She just said “Ok, starting Shark”…
When GH goes into away mode, it turns on an virtual “amazing device” configured thru SmartThings.
If, at 9:30 AM, the amazing device is on, AND my ST arrival sensor (AS) is away, ST sends a TTS message thru a Sonos SL speaker asking Alexa to start the vacuum.

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You could just issue a command with Google Assistant Relay without needing to do any TTS. I’ve posted above the link to GAR.

It needs just a cheap Raspberry Pi or any other computer which always on.

So 1000 USD vs 35 (plus accessories)…