Problems with Bose Soundtouch

Hopefully someone here can help me out. I just set up a Bose Soundtouch 10 in my home. I was able to connect it to ST very easily. I can open the device and control it great. I can play/pause, change the volume and select one of the preset stations and it plays no problem but I cannot get any custom message or weather notification to work at all.

I have tried custom message and the default sounds for mode changes, at a specific time, on a button press and when a switch is turned on and none of them will trigger the sound to start at all.

Anyone have an idea?


We are currently overhauling our TTS engine. I am going to try and check the status tomorrow to see where it is at.

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Great thanks for the update. Look forward to getting an update. I have a second speaker being delivered today.

Where you able to find anything out about the TTS engine. I just received my 2nd speaker and would love to be able to get them both setup.

I am trying to do this as well, with no success.