Am I missing something? I’ve searched all over and I can’t find anything on Soundtouch. What exactly can we do with it? I was hoping it would be utilized for announcing entrances and exits and what not like what you can apparently do with Sonos. I’ve tried to set it up using the Sonos apps as it appears you should be able to… but no luck. Am I missing something?

Scroll… Its listed there and what it can do.

It states “and so much more”. What’s the so much more part…

Seriously, no clue! That’s the only info I could gather. I hope somebody in the community who owns it can chime in.

I am excited about this, as all the speaker I own are Bose! Like Tony said, it’d be nice to get this working to announce events. If someone is able to test this, I would buy one right away! :smile:

Well this kinda sucks. I just purchased a SoundTouch 20 thinking that I’d hook it up to my hub and start getting notifications. Didn’t realize that would only work with the Sonos.
Right now I’m just wondering what is the point of being compatible with Bose if all you can do is a fraction of what can already be done with the Bose app itself and as a standalone system. What kind of integration am I really getting with SmartThings?!

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