All my devices disappeared- IDE shows HUBNAME_DELETED

Logged into SmartThings app and saw all my devices (including the hub) are missing. I logged into the IDE and all the devices are showing but there is no activity listed for any device.

The hub name has _DELETED appended to the hub name. The Zwave and Zigbee status are blank and restarting the hub and unplugging and plugging back in does not change anything.

I can only think that it was the latest firmware update that caused this. The hub is at my parents house so I didn’t know it wasn’t working the past few weeks until they told me.

I reached out to SmartThings support but I don’t think the reps understand the issue as they just keep asking me about error messages (I’m not receiving any error messages in the app, everything is just gone). Has anyone else experienced this? This is a V2 hub.

I saw a user report a few weeks back where he got a pop-up message that everything would be deleted in 60 minutes or something to that effect. A few others have reported devices disappearing from their app but still in IDE and The only ones who can resolve or try to resolve is Support. As frustrating as it can be… keep bugging them. I am sure you will get all the good responses like… delete your app and install a fresh copy… don’t laugh, they may do that.

See if you can get your ticket raised to a higher level of support.

Call and speak with a rep directly if it is available in your region.