SNH-C6417BNUK and Draytek 2860


I am new to SmartThings and the community and wonder if anyone could help.

I have a starter kit, configured all ok and working fine however I cannot seem to get the camera i have brought working.

I have configured it in SmartCam and its all looking good however I cannot get it to detect in SmartThings. I have reset it a number of times and tried varied ways to add it with no joy.

Configuring it on a BT HomeHub 4 worked straight away proving its not a hub or cam issue however not on Draytek 2860. The detection never works.

From posts I have read this may be down to ports or uPnP or when the SmartHub v2 tries to accept the inbound connection from the cam?

Can anyone offer any advise or configuration help.

Thanks in advance.