Smart Cam 6417 can't connect to Smartthings app

Hello Smartthings community

New Smartthings user here.

Am writing in hopes that someone can help me. My problem is I cannot get my Smartthings camera to be recognized by the Smartthings app. I successfully connected the camera to the SmartCam app. When I go to the Smartthings app and use the Auto Discover feature, the camera never gets found.

The camera I’m using is a SNH-C6417BN, which I understand is compatible with Smartthings I called support and they say it is something to do with my AT&T UVerse router (5031 NV which does not support UPnP). Support says something is blocking the Hub (v2) from accessing local devices that are connected to the router. The camera and the Hub are on my local network. Tried port forwarding #’s 11111, 39500 and 9443 to both the Hub and camera, no luck.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you solve it?

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Hi ZoomZoom,

I’m having the exact same issue with a SNH-C6417BN not connecting to SmartThings. Have you had any luck getting it to connect yet?

No. I’ve resigned myself to have to use the SmartCam app to view the cameras

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I have attached a link to my answer to a very similar question…The question was for a slightly different model, but same situation. I have the 6417, like you.

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Thank you Robert. It’s rather unfortunate that I would have to buy a separate router just to get the camera to work in ST. I’ve read that the integration is rather poor and that the motion and sound sensing capabilities of the camera cannot be used to trigger other events in ST. Is that true? Ultimately, I would like to trigger events when my dogs are restless/barking while I’m gone during the day, like turn on the TV or play music through SONOS.