COSTCO Samsung SNH-E6411BN, How to Add?

Hi Everyone, SmartThings noob here.
I know the only official supported Samsung SmartCam is the SmartCam HD Pro SNH-P6410BN, but somebody on Amazon has mentioned that he was able to get the SNH-E6411BN to work.
This camera is currently selling for $100 at Costco, and i would like to be able to integrate this into my ST hub.
Does anybody know how this is done?
I tried to manually add the camera, but it’s asking for the camera’s IP address which unfortunately i am not able to figure out at the moment how to get. The only info i have from the back of the camera is the MAC address.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Do you have access to your router? Most routers have a status/client list that shows you what devices are connected and with which IP.

Sometimes the names can be cryptic, so if it doesn’t show up by name or MAC address, you can try disconnecting the device from the network and taking a snapshot of the client list on the router, then connecting the device and looking for the delta on the client list.

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Hi there!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this camera (SNH-E6411BN) is not supported at this time. If you enter the IP and MAC addresses manually, you’ll be able to finish the setup process. This camera is missing required pieces in the firmware though - so it’ll never be able to retrieve a video stream.

After checking with our Video team, we’re convinced that the individual in that Amazon review is mistaken.

We hope to support it in the future.


That’s sad and a little disappointing to hear. I guess I’ll just have to wait if and when it gets supported.
Thank you very much, Joshua and Tyler for taking the time to answer my question, much appreciated!

Hi Tyler,

Has this progressed at all?

I recently picked up a SNH-E6411BN as i actually needed a smaller camera than the ‘Pro’ which is very obvious given its round form factor.

The camera so far is working well and i am very impressed with its low light capabilities (with Night Vision off) but it would be nice to have it included within ST… keeping my fingers crossed some magic has happened somewhere in order to enable this? The camera’s spec sheet look incredibly similar and i hope the pro doesnt just carry a premium as it integrates if the hardware is the same underneath.


I too just picked up a Samsung SmartCam HD SNH-E6411BN. I wouldalso like to connect it to my ST hub. Any further progress on this??

this is sad news as i also just bought 2 of them at Costco and like the black and didnt think for one second that it wouldnt work since its wifi and samsung.

i guess i will be returning them

Hello, was any progress made on this? I got two cameras SNH-E6413BN models and looks like it is not working yet.

Samsung should work on supporting its own products. I was disappointed to learn that these are not compatible.

I request the smarthings team to look into this and hopefully they can do some magic to get these not so old cameras also working on v2hub. (got them

Thanks for your consideration.


Yeah, like what the hell? They support other brands, competitors at that? But not their own Samsung cameras?

Hope to support in the future…yeah right. : \