SmartThings + Samsung SNH-P6410BN - Smart Home Camera

I am IT Technician. I spent £350 for Smartthings + Samsung Smart Cam HD. Reported livestream issue to support team. Tried absolutely everything myself but no luck. 2 weeks passed and the livestream still doesn’t work. Is there any solution or should I request a refund?

Hi @AndrewUK: Can you share your ST account? I would like to take a closer look at it. My email is:
Thank you and sorry for the long wait.

Exactly the same problem here, apart from i get this message

I’m having issues with this camera also. I caught this in the logs

b8e8c486-90f4-4194-9fa4-8ba36c9d210d  5:01:10 PM EST: debug Camera is not supported: <Event xmlns="urn:schemas-upnp-org:metadata-1-0/AVT/" xmlns:r="urn:schemas-rinconnetworks-com:metadata-1-0/"><InstanceID val="0"><TransportState val="STOPPED"/><CurrentPlayMode val="NORMAL"/><CurrentCrossfadeMode val="0"/><NumberOfTracks val="0"/><CurrentTrack val="0"/><CurrentSection val="0"/><CurrentTrackURI val=""/><CurrentTrackDuration val="0:00:00"/><CurrentTrackMetaData val=""/><r:NextTrackURI val=""/><r:NextTrackMetaData val=""/><r:EnqueuedTransportURI val=""/><r:EnqueuedTransportURIMetaData val=""/><PlaybackStorageMedium val="NETWORK"/><AVTransportURI val="pndrradio:1123575973252805401?sn=1"/><AVTransportURIMetaData val="&lt;DIDL-Lite xmlns:dc=&quot;; xmlns:upnp=&quot;urn:schemas-upnp-org:metadata-1-0/upnp/&quot; xmlns:r=&quot;urn:schemas-rinconnetworks-com:metadata-1-0/&quot; xmlns=&quot;urn:schemas-upnp-org:metadata-1-0/DIDL-Lite/&quot;&gt;&lt;item id=&quot;OOOX1123575973252805401&quot; parentID=&quot;0&quot; restricted=&quot;true&quot;&gt;&lt;dc...[TRUNCATED]
b8e8c486-90f4-4194-9fa4-8ba36c9d210d  5:00:12 PM EST: debug Camera is not supported: <ZoneGroups><ZoneGroup Coordinator="RINCON_000E5876370001400" ID="RINCON_000E5876370001400:26"><ZoneGroupMember UUID="RINCON_000E5876370001400" Location="" ZoneName="Master Bedroom" Icon="x-rincon-roomicon:masterbedroom" Configuration="1" SoftwareVersion="31.3-22220" MinCompatibleVersion="29.0-00000" LegacyCompatibleVersion="24.0-00000" BootSeq="102" WirelessMode="0" HasConfiguredSSID="0" ChannelFreq="2462" BehindWifiExtender="0" WifiEnabled="1" Orientation="0" SonarState="4"/></ZoneGroup><ZoneGroup Coordinator="RINCON_000E5852E08001400" ID="RINCON_000E5852E08001400:25"><ZoneGroupMember UUID="RINCON_000E5852E08001400" Location="" ZoneName="Playroom" Icon="x-rincon-roomicon:playroom" Configuration="1" SoftwareVersion="31.3-22220" MinCompatibleVersion="29.0-00000" LegacyCompatibleVersion="24.0-00000" BootSeq="236" WirelessMode="0" HasConfiguredSSID="0" ChannelFreq="2462" BehindWifiExtender="0" WifiEnab...[TRUNCATED]

SNH-P6410BN recently upgraded to f/w 1.07. Will this still work with smartthings?

Camera issue again…

Hi, Greg. That log message looks to be from a Sonos device (which responds to discovery as a media device, but isn’t a camera). I’m going to suggest changing the wording from “Camera is not supported” to “Not a supported camera”. Is your camera still having issues?

Hi, Nic,

Yes, the 1.07 firmware works with SmartThings. Let us know if you’re having issues.

Camera is working for me, however, it did stop working awhile back and had to be removed and cleared out and then added back in.

It works, except that it keeps rebooting. I think this is what is making the LED repeatedly come on even after I turn it off via the Samsung Cam native app

I’m having trouble with a Samsung SNH-P6410BN randomly re-booting after hours or days of working OK. I don’t yet have it on a smart power socket so that I can power cycle it, that will be my first job when I next visit the location. So, I have no way at the moment of reconnecting to it once it re-boots and doesn’t re-join the wireless network. It’s running the 1.07 firmware, supposedly the latest.
From what I’ve read across the forum, integration with ST is a bit lacking. I got mine in the ST system but I was using the SmartCam app when I wanted to actually look at something happening in the location (workmen installing a log-burner, which they weren’t too thrilled about!).
Are others still having frequent random re-boots as per [quote=“greg, post:10, topic:29303”]
It works, except that it keeps rebooting.

Yes, mine reboots all the time. But it rejoins the network just fine. The only issue I have with the rebooting (besides not being able to use it for 30 seconds) is that it keeps turning on the dumb LED light on the front when it reboots. I prefer to have the light off so the camera isn’t obvious. I’ve been meaning to put a piece of electrical tape over it.

OK, thanks Greg.
For some reason mine sometimes rejoins but sometimes doesn’t. I don’t think it’s a wireless signal problem because the video comes through fine on the SmartCam app when the camera is connected and it’s only 12 feet from the wireless router through a wooden door.

Mine were also continually rebooting. I will.probalbly remove them … for now I turned them off … you can create a routine to turn on or off the cameras. I think something changed with.last update. 4 cameras seemed to be saturating my wifi network streaming to the hub and causing issues

For anyone interested, my Smartcam snh-6410bn has settled down now into a regular pattern. Last 3 days it has restarted itself at 7:45am and 7:45pm on the dot. Fortunately it has re-joined the wireless network each time which it wasn’t always doing when the restart was more random.
My view is that it has to be software doing this regular restart but I’m not aware of any routine I am running that would do that.
I’ll try emailing Samsung support when the UK long weekend is finished tomorrow.

Hello help please !!!

I have a SNH-P6410BN Samsung smart Cam HD in the UK with a ST hub V2 UK.
recently upgraded the cam via its own dedicated SmarCam app to FW
1.07_151030 and since then I get not video stream from it and an error
on the ST app saying " Unknown error. Please try again ErrorCode1__".

How can I fix this please ???


I had the same issue, and seems to be related to WiFi connectivity, with latest firmware 1.07 it had this issue until I’ve changed the router.