Not receiving SMS/Push Notification

(Arodi Grullon) #1

Just recently added a Water Sensor to Smart Things. I got it connected and set up a smart app for text alerts. In the middle of this the Hub decided to update. Prior to the update the SMS worked, after it, I have not been able to get text notifications. I can see the activity changing from Wet to Dry and such, but no messages.

Firmware updated to 000.017.00012

(fightingmajor) #2

I’ve been missing some alerts lately as well. Like when my Goodbye routine runs when I leave.

(Arodi Grullon) #3

So I was somewhat able to resolve the issue. I realized that the SmartApp, was not being listed on the Home Automation tab as selected.

I was able to consistently alert me when using the “Notify me when” Smart app. This let me receive the notifications without issues.

With the SmartHome Monitor/Leaks, it would only alert me the first time after being set up.

Arodi Grullon Fernandez