Not receiving SMS/Push Notification

Just recently added a Water Sensor to Smart Things. I got it connected and set up a smart app for text alerts. In the middle of this the Hub decided to update. Prior to the update the SMS worked, after it, I have not been able to get text notifications. I can see the activity changing from Wet to Dry and such, but no messages.

Firmware updated to 000.017.00012

I’ve been missing some alerts lately as well. Like when my Goodbye routine runs when I leave.

So I was somewhat able to resolve the issue. I realized that the SmartApp, was not being listed on the Home Automation tab as selected.

I was able to consistently alert me when using the “Notify me when” Smart app. This let me receive the notifications without issues.

With the SmartHome Monitor/Leaks, it would only alert me the first time after being set up.

Arodi Grullon Fernandez