SMS notification not working. I've replied YES to the 844647

I’ve replied YES to the 844647 and it confirms I’m signed up, but I’m still it getting sms notifications from Smart Home Monitor for the door lock/unlock

Please help.

you are in the U.S.?

Yes I’m in USA and I’m trying to send sms to a USA number

So I started receiving lock/unlock messages this morning… And then they suddenly stopped in the afternoon.

Not sure why it’s intermittent.

Only thing that comes to mind…

  1. Rate Limits - You can receive a maximum of 100 messages per phone number, per configuration, per day (12:00:00am-11:59:59pm). Some of your SmartApps may be approaching this level. Review your settings to ensure your SMS messages are not affected by the limits.

I’ve received a total of 42 messages today so below the 100 limit.

The messages have started working again on their own.