Push Notifications or SMS or Both

For those of you that are using Smart Alarm are you using Push Notifications oe SMS text or both and why? The reason I ask is that is it necessary to have the redundancy having both on one phone. I do understand sending a SMS to another phone on alert but what about on the main phone?

SMS won’t work if your phone is in a cellular deadzone, but if you still have WiFi you’ll get the Push Notifications.

Push notifications may fail if the SmartThings App has died or put to sleep by some Android variants.

I use both since ST is famous for one or the other not working.

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I have been using both with SA but find the SMS text comes in a few minutes after the push which I never had before with AT&T. So I am not sure it is AT&T or a ST problem.

I mostly use push. But for things I consider critical I use both push and SMS (mostly so I hear/feel it in my pocket if I’m in a noisy place).