Push notifications not working

(veni) #1

Since yesterday, I stopped receiving Push Notifications. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?


@veni, I was just checking the forum for exactly this post!

I’m not receiving any pushes from the “Notify Me When” smartapp (SMS or push).

Did you email support yet? I just got back from being outside and haven’t emailed them yet, and considering how long it’s been taking support I thought I’d try here first.

(Erik V) #3

Running SmartThings 1.7.1? My guess is that this is the same issue as the Presence Detect not working and the Sunny Field you see when you start the app. I didn’t report the issue myself, but I did see on the forum that support is working on an update.


I’m running Android 1.7.2 build 1721. Other notifications are working from Damage & Danger dashboard “stuff”, but nothing else.

(Idealerror) #5

Did you try logging out and logging back in the app? Sometimes helps.


That does help perhaps in refreshing tiles, name changes, etc; but the apps are all in ST’s cloud.

(Idealerror) #7


Most of my push notifications have been working this morning so I have no complaints (yet).

(veni) #8

@johnconstantelo I opened a ticket with ST I’ll see what they say.