Smattthings Alexa Skill for Germany ( missing

Hi Guys,
I am using the Smartthings UK Hub in Germany.
Now I would like to integrate it with Amazon Echo.
But unfotunately the Smartthings Alexa Skill is not present in the german version of the Alexa Skills.
Is there a way to get the Smartthings Alexa Skill vom to


Same Problem here in Austria…

Can anybody help?

Greethings from Vienna

Same Problem here in Austria.

If you want to use the Smartthings Skills in Alexa you have to switch the US language.
Unfortunately Alexa will complain, that the language of your Amazon account won’t match.
If you create an Account you are able to use the Smartthings skills, but not in German.

Does anyone know, when the official release date for Germany is?

It seems, that all users in Germany use the UK version.

When will the Smartthings skills available in German?


I just bought an Alexa Dot with the only reason in mind to connect my SmartThings Hub. Unfortunately there is no way to add the SmartThings app if the device is bought in Germany, as a language selection apart from German is not supported. Even though you may switch the language of the device, it will prevent you from installing/using any apps afterwards.

May we get an update if the SmartThings app will also be available for our devices?
Competitors such as Osram, Philips Hue or even TP-Link Kasa are already available.

Any chance we might get an update on this? It is very frustrating that I need to use an US Account on my Alexa in order to be able to use the Smartthings Skill.

I am trying to use smartthings app in Germany. I bought an uk smartthings hub and an uk alexa. I also created an uk amazon account and also an us amazon account. Unfortunatelly with the uk account i cannot install the smartthings hub (it is not avaiable).
With the us account I cannot connect to the cloud in order to set up alexa.

Can anybody help?

I will be totally happy if I could use smartthings in English OR German. Anything.

It seems to me that you somehow managed to use smartthings in Austria on English. Could you please tell me how?

I would be grateful

Same here.
Would be grateful for any help.

Hi, i do have also an UK Smartthing with alexa echo and dot.

i did register my uk hub in also created an Amazon UK account.

i change my “Inhalte und Geräte” in my amazon auf UK (

you should know, after you changed your inhalt default location, you can only access uk skills. (you can also change it back to your german address again if you want to)

i dont have any proble to comunicate with ST Hub through Alexa

Seems the Smartthings (Samsung) team is not too interested in customers from mainland Europe.

asked for german language support many times… twitter… facebook… mail…
Always the same answers but no results…
Actually adding language support to an alexa skill is an easy task.
Unfortunately it seems not to be in the backlog.

Using Smartthings and Alexa (UK) for a while now. Works great with English language, which is no problem. But you can’t use all the music commands, since my Amazon UK account does not have Music unlimited.

Seeing that Amazon is putting more and more effort in the home automation part (with it’s new Zigbee hub), I might think about replacing Smartthings (which i really loved).

So I would be really looking forward to some german Skill (or at least enabling the UK skill for German Amazon accounts), but I guess there is no news so far?

Hi Guys,
I’m still waiting for a Smartthings Alexa Skill in the German Amazon Account
There are many Smartthings UK Hub users in Germany.
Is there any new good news?

Same here.We need Alexa Skill in Germany please.

Recently browsed the Alexa skill directory and was surprised to find the German SmartThings skill :slight_smile:

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