Alexa Skill - English AU PLEASE!

I’ve contacted supported (Smartthings + samsung) and have gone around in circles.

When will Smartthings Alexa skill be available in English AU? I have to use my amazon account as US which causes all sorts of issues.

Please provide an eta or at least a confirmation that it is coming soon?

thank you

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You might be lucky in getting one of the few Samsung staff who read these forums to respond, but otherwise you’re just talking to the community. My guess is that it will be out in Feb 2019 as that’s when the current Samsung adverts say Smartthings is launching in Oz. I don’t think they will launch it during the RACV trial.

Your problems in getting an answer remind me of the dead-ends I got into trying to discover why Mitsubishi Electric’s a/c split system skill is in the AU Alexa system but only works for Mitsubishi wifi accounts in NZ (it even says “NZ only” in the title of the skill!). Why do that? I contacted the developers and they claimed no knowledge and just said to contact Mitsubishi Australia. Who had no idea what I was talking about!


It’s so annoying that Samsung could not respond by saying what you’ve said. It’s coming out with the launch. We shall see.


You should take a look at EchoSistant. It gives you all of the features, and much more, than the Alexa skill could ever deliver.

It may be what your looking for.

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Wow that seems super powerful. Thank you!

Want to hear something even more annoying?

I originally backed SmartThings during their Kickstarter campaign (upside - I have one of few Australian SmartThings V1 hubs). So, SmartThings know I’m located in Victoria - they shipped my Kickstarter reward here.

I’m a member of the RACV.

This thread is the first time I’ve heard of the RACV / SmartThings trial…!!!


Thanks, just let me know if you have any questions