Alexa uk installation

It looks like Amazon have opened up download of the Alexas app and now access it from our fire TVs as well as our echoes which sold arrive Wednesday this week.

When I follow the instructions to authorise smartthings so I can initiate discovery of devices there is no option to select smartthings. Is this a location issue or is this something that needs to be submitted by smartthings to Amazon? If so…do we have a date this may be added for uk customers?

Edit:although it may just be because I only have a fire tv connected and not an echo yet I note there is no mention of fire tv in the support pages.

You need to add the skill.

Open the hamburger menu, go to skills, select SmartThings and enable it :slight_smile:

PS. The app is just a wrapper for the website. You can do it here too:

Tha app skill doesn’t seem to be available in the uk skill store so to speak.

Hmmm, unless my account is linked to the US version some how, it’s definitely there

I’m thinking its a wait till Wed:

This makes sense. I must have been locked to the US one as I was using MacAlexa.

I’ve wiped the app and devices FROM Amazon USA and can’t get any further now unless I pair a device

Good shout on the waiting game! Opened this am and everything is there. Installed the smartthings app and 32 devices found :slight_smile:

I suddenly realised because I’ve never even thought about voice control, all my connected things are already automated and mainly running from things like motion sensors etc so voice is just the cherry on top. I don’t actually know what I’m going to do with it though!

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