Alexa and ST UK

I’ve seen lots of posts regarding Alexa on here but (and forgive me if I’ve missed owt) but I’m still not quite sure of the state of play with Alexa and ST in the UK. Is it formally supported and, if it isn’t not, when it will be?

Guys, what are your thoughts on Alexa and ST? What workarounds are there?

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There is a Smartthings skill now so i would say yes.

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Ha, thanks @david_bradbury. That’s shows how indepth my research was. When I last checked there was nothing. Are there any limitations of the skill that stand out?

Also, is there a list of UK skills available?

Actualy your right you can do it but with the use of yonomi app

These are a list of skills currently available for the Amazon Echo in the UK (sorted by latest released):

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I don’t understand, Echo was launched a few weeks back in the UK and smartthings was supported on day 1 for us.


Yep works perfectly no different to how it worked in US.

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Yup - Been there from day one in the U.K.

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Thanks all. Not sure where I go the idea from that it wasn’t supported but stand corrected :thumbsup:

Are there any limitations/gotchas?

For Alexa Amazon Echo in the UK there is SmartThings support


For Alexa Amazon Echo in the UK there is no IFTTT support

Hence some things you might like to do with SmartThings may be limited if it would also need IFTTT.

IFTTT support for Alexa Amazon Echo in the UK is expected on 2017

There is an IFTTT skill on the marketplace now but it’s not an official one.

Haven’t had chance to play with it just yet though.