SmartTiles web link

Is there a way to get the smart tiles web link from my IDE?

I’m at work and I forgot my phone. I want to put my home in away mode and I dont have the access to the app.

Or is there any way to put my home in away home without the app? IDE?


If you have an android, there is an app emulator that you can install the ST app and get it that way.

I emailed the link to myself that way I could always have access to ST even if I left or misplaced my phone.

Good Luck.

You can obtain the SmartApp ID from the IDE, then insert it in the URL below.

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Or install Bluestacks or similar and run it on your computer.

Log in to the ide
Go to locations
Go to home
Click on EDIT in the to right corner
Scroll down to mode.
Change it to the mode you want
Click update
Mode changed

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thank you… found it!

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