SmartTiles problem

I’ve just set up smarttiles and followed how to save it to my home page on my tablet so I can open it without having the web browser at the top, but when I click on it it opens a page and says “Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorised” does anyone know how to sort this out please.

@tgauchat will help you

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Please email for SmartTiles assistance.

The short answer, though, is that only the Launcher URL can be bookmarked or pinned to your Homescreen or Desktop.

The Launcher page URL is provided in the SmartTiles SmartApp preferences pages for each Dashboard (it is unique for each dashboard).

It is also available when successfully viewing a dashboard (you may have to login to the SmartThings IDE/API page first), by using the Tools (…) Tile menu.

The first post of our main active SmartTiles v5.8 Topic explains the Tools Menu, the Launcher, and the Launcher URL bookmarking process…

  • Responses in that Topic include Community members sharing various workarounds.
  • The SmartThings User Group on Facebook has some further suggestions. Really helpful folks there too!

Apologies for the complexity. All this is sorted out in ActionTiles, releasing soon.



I clicked on the web link it gave me for the dashboard, loaded it up and it gave the address bar at the top. Saved page to my home page on iPad and when I click on it that’s when I get Full authentication is required to access this resourceunauthorized.
I don’t seem to be able to load it up without the web browser part at the top?

Sorry sorted it now, thanks for your help

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You’re welcome…

Please feel encouraged to share what you learned with the SmartThings Community!

(i.e., this isn’t a regular “staffed support line”, instead, it’s considered protocol to pay-it-forward by sharing the details of what went wrong and how you solved it, so that the next person is helped out…).

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I saved the wrong page to the home screen, had to save the log in screen and it worked

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