SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

I reloaded my CSS from an old backup. A lot of it isn’t working.
Of the 9 Virtual Switches I have, 8 are now not working with the CSS but they function correctly.
They do not plug over any of the CSS formatting though.

Not sure what you mean by this… but you’ll be more likely to get CSS assistance over in the SmartTiles CSS thread… Dashboard Theming (Custom CSS) and Mounting Hardware Ideas

After loosing all my layouts I can’t restore it. I’ve used blank tiles but now I can’t create more than one blank tile. Is this a regression?

Nevermind, I was trying to use two browsers to change the layout for preview convenience, turns out not being able to create a second blank tile is an IE feature

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Blank tiles were also stored in the state as pretty much every app preference. So, whatever is gone is not likely to come back.

SmartTiles 5 was designed to be contained entirely within SmartThings infrastructure.

For SmartTiles V6, we moved away from that model and SmartThings side has been reduced to only handle device and location events.

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Just looked at my V5.8 dashboard and my CSS is intact. I didn’t try and open it over the last few days when there were problems.

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Noob here…

Are the blank tile(s) feature not available in 5.8?

if they still exist, i cannot seem to find it.


Check out the “Tools Menu Tile” …

Ha! thanks, I was one step short!

Thanks @tgauchat


Is there a way to link from Smarttiles dashboard to an iOS app? For example, I’d love to be able to click on a tile in my dashboard that opens up my Camera app, or SimpliSafe, etc @tgauchat @625alex

Discovered this app… Truly, are we living in future or what! Happily donated.

Noticed a problem though. I have a garage door opener automated thru the excellent MyQ Lite smart app. I can make it show as both a switch and a contact sensor in SmartTiles.

The problem is that while the sensor tile always reflect the correct open/closed status, the switch tile tends to get stuck in “off” state. Thus is, if the garage door is actually open, the contact will show as open, and the switch will show as off. Toggling the switch twice will refresh it (and will close the door), but after awhile it becomes “off” and stale again, regardless of the door being opened and closed thereafter.

I am on what appears to be the “Green” channel.

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What value does the SmartThings mobile app show for this switch? SmartTiles doesn’t know anything beyond the values in SmartThings cloud.

Sorry, I neglected to mention right away that the SmartThings mobile app DOES show the correct, up-to-date status of the device.

I just opened the doors. Here is what these two tiles look in Smart Tiles now:

And here is the picture I see in the SmartThings Android app. Notice that the “MyQ: Garage Do…” IS open:

As does SmartTiles… The Door Contact Tile is showing Open.

Does that SmartThings Tile have Sub-Tiles? We need to see the stare of the Switch portion.

Thanks! Unfortunately, the apps need to support this and have it written in their code. Popular apps such as Pandora, Sonos, etc. have this capability. The apps I am trying to link don’t appear to (or I don’t have the right name of the app, which I am still researching).

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That’s correct.

SmartTiles isn’t a Launcher, it is a web page.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has written a mobile App that registers custom App Intents; well… Much less likely on iOS than Android.

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, the Door Contact shows open, and it’s great. It’s the Switch tile I am having a problem with.

I began looking at the logs to harvest some events as the example, and then realized that although the DH claims both Switch and Momentary capabilities, it only sends event updates for button (momentary), door, and contact. As @Mbhforum observed in another thread, the tile in Smart Tiles must be exhibiting a momentary switch behavior, which is what should be expected, I guess. Meanwhile, the contact tile works fine, as we already established.

Coming from development background but being a novice to ST, I see two possible ways to fix this issue:

  1. MyQ Lite should begin publishing switch events, or
  2. Smart Tiles should begin consuming MyQ Lite’s door events
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Good observations, thanks @Gorilla800lbs

The correct answer is “both”:

  1. If MyQ Lite DTH claims “Switch” Capability, then it is obligated to send switch Attribute Events.

  2. SmartTiles is highly likely to offer “official” Garage Door Control Capability support in next generation (“V6”).



Awesome, thanks! Looking forward to V6! :slight_smile:

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