ActiON, aka Web Dashboard 3.0

I actually had a couple apps installed when I first ran this, I cleared everything out of my config that I could (save the devices) in order to facilitate troubleshooting. Likewise, I also tried running the install steps from mobile and the mobile device (Android) reports “Error: An unexpected error occurred” when clicking “Done” on the last step of the install screen. The live logging screen once again records an error in 1064 when I do that:

Loving version 3 @625alex, can’t wait for version 4.

How hard would it be to add garage door control? I want to put a cheap tablet on the wall in the kitchen with your dashboard and if I could also open and close the garage from it I would be thrilled. I may try it myself this weekend but I’m new to this and your 1500 lines of code look intimidating.

You are already able to pick a momentary switch in app configuration to control the garage door.

I’m using the Linear garage door unit from Lowes. It shows up in ST as “capability.doorControl” and not a normal momentary switch.

I’ll probably just man up and try my hand at it this weekend. If I get it I’ll then try to figure out forking on Github so I can send you the changes.

For those who have error on line 1064, to resolve it you can either update to the latest version from repository or make sure that your location has coordinates. You should probably do it anyway.

Open ST app on your smartphone and drop a pin on the map for your location! If your coordinates are not set, the latest version of dashboard will work, but it will show a different time zone.

I’m using my dashboard on an iPad that’s also the home media player. I’m not sure if it’s possible to have Spotify or Pandora on integrated on a dashboard like this but one work around I’ve found is to use the links section in the ActiON settings to open the Spotify or Pandora app natively from the dashboard. This is for iOS, i’m not familiar with Android but I’m sure this is possible there too.

In the URL links section where you can link multiple dashboards, if you put the app name followed by ://. For example,




the app will open up automatically from the dashboard. There are also ways to play a specific playlist or open up to the search page automatically for Spotify using these instructions It’s a small work around, but for me, it saves me from going to the homescreen and looking through all my apps.


This is a great tip! Thank you for sharing. I will see if there’s a way to take more use out of it.

When I wake up my android using firefox I keep getting an error.

{“error”;true,“type”:groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException",“message”;“An unexpected error occurred.”}

I hit reload and it comes back fine.

There are occasional cloud outages at ST. When the dashboard refreshes, sometimes the cloud doesn’t click and you get an error message.

In the new version, refreshes happen in the background and if there’s an outage, a message will be displayed.

Stay tuned, any day now.

Sweet… your dashboard is what got the wife onboard for me to setup the house :smile:

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I know this is a little too much to ask but for those of us mounting our tablets on the wall because of this cool app. Is it possible to have an option for the app to refresh on camera motion only? I know you can just press the refresh button but hey, we want automation right? is this possible or with tasker?

Current version refreshed automatically, every 2 minutes by default. There’s an option in your app to change the frequency.

I implemented background refreshes for the new version.

This app is designed to work in any browser, it’s device and OS agnostic. Some devices where the dashboard is run don’t have cameras or Tasker. If you are looking for a device-specific app, this is not it.

I would love to use this, but I just can’t figure out where to get the URL. When I go through these steps:
“To obtain the URL of your ActiON Dashboard:
Open logs in another tab at
Back in the tab that had the SmartApp details, click “Trigger Now” button on right side under Preferences
The ActiON Dashboard URL will be printed in the logs”

I see events when I got to the log, but don’t see a url. I also do not see a “trigger now” button anywhere…
Any help on this is greatly appreciated!

In the ST Dashboard under My Apps do you see the Action Dashboard tile?

If you went through all 3 steps of SmartApp setup, and clicked “Done” button, the trigger button should appear on right panel. It has an icon of a hand showing a finger. The index finger. When you click on it, the URL should be printed to the logs.

It is less error prone is you install is via ST Mobile app.

Give it another shot. Good luck!

@Dave and @625alex Thanks so much for the tips. @Dave I do see the tile. @625alex What exactly am I looking for in regards to the link. I do see a long strand of numbers with hypens in between. Am I supposed to turn that into a url? Or should the url be obvious? I see that the app is installed on the website and locally on my phone. I think I am just missing how to get the url…

The url looks obviously like a url. Have you tried using the Action app to send you the url by SMS? That works, with the URL being sent in two pieces that you have to join together using cut and paste.

In the IDE have the Live Logging section open, then perform the steps listed yesterday by Alex (posted above). The URL (http…) should be listed under the ActiON Dashboard tab.

Anna, try to follow these [screenshots][1] (except the last one) by @luma.

Sometimes the IDE has glitches, if you are just starting, your better use the mobile app.

I will create a complete set of step-by-step screenshots tonight. Version 4 will be released tomorrow.



Any teasers for new things in v4?