SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

MyQ Lite author here - you may have found a bug in the code. I’m sure SmartTiles is correctly reporting whatever status is set. Honestly, I never use the “switch” attribute of the door, so I haven’t done much testing with it. I’m thinking I’ve got some spots in the code that update the contact sensor but neglect to update the switch status. Should be a pretty easy fix - I’ll try and remedy that soon.

Otherwise, I’m definitely looking forward to official garage door capability support in SmartTiles - that would be an even better fix since you could essentially have both switch and contact sensor in the same tile.


Use the momentary switch

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@tgauchat @625alex For us Blue users with Oauth still working, will this be discontinued at any point? I noticed you said in a few days, awhile ago. Obviously, don’t want it to be, but curious when/if it’s going to stop working.

Which device type is that? I don’t see it in the IDE.

Blue & Green versions are currently identical and will not, never, ever, never, issue new “access_tokens”. There are various ways by which your current tokens may become invalidated and we have no control over that, and cannot issue new tokens under any circumstances, sorry.

Please stay tuned for next generation “V6”, etc… :slight_smile:

Ok, you’ve answered my question. :slight_smile: thank you!

Just to test this hypothesis, I hacked your DH locally to use switch instead of button, and it shows up up-to-date in Smart Tiles now. Thank you!


not device type, switch type in smart tiles

Thanks. But I think @tgauchat earlier said it best:

A Momentary button / switch isn’t much value to “see” on a Dashboard, because it would revert state faster than you would notice most times (i.e., a momentary doesn’t stay “on” … it goes back to “off” immediately). A momentary switch on a dashboard is meant for pressing not observing.

It sounds like I will need both a momentary switch AND a contact sensor tile to SEE and take ACTION on my garage doors. How are folks displaying both of these tiles so they can make sense to an end user?

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Yes, I have both. The momentary switch to take action and the contact sensor for state. If you think of the physical switch that is on the wall for most garage doors, it is a momentary switch.

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Can we get an update on when v6 will be available? It’s been a long while since we heard anything (that I recall)


That’s because we never said when it would be available and never will until it is actually ready.

For the last week or so, I’m being forced to log in way too often. Anyone else have the issue where you can log in, go to bed, and then wake up in the morning to find the dashboard back on the launch page?

Same here. Seems to be every time I have to log in. Actually I don’t use the dashboard very much because of this issue. Unfortunately they don’t give any hint how long we have to wait for v6 :frowning:

So far I have been able to get around this on my tablet and old HTC phone by using fully kiosk browser and having it refresh often enough so my connection doesn’t time out. I had it set to refresh every 5 minutes. Just today changed it to every 15 minutes as a test. I also have it set to refresh every time it loads. Which I have tasker loading it every time the camera triggers.
I assume that’s what keeps me from having to log back in every time. I could be wrong. Try not to mess with something (to much) that’s working.

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do you realize the refresh with fully kiosk browser on board systems or do you realize with tasker? If you are using takser for that I would be interested how to setup.


I am using the refresh in fully kiosk browser since it’s built in. I had never thought about using tasker to refresh it. I would think it’s possible.

I don’t have smarttiles displayed all the time on my tablet. When the tablet goes to sleep it launches gentle alarm in night mode which gives a large clock in screen saver mode. When the camera senses motion it closes gentle alarm and launches fully kiosk browser. To make smarttiles available.

Thats all handled by tasker.

Refreshing the display using tasker is a interesting concept. Possibly reload / relaunch the browser via tasker? I had also wondered before using fully kiosk browser if you could auto log in using auto input for tasker to fill in the fields and push the buttons. Or another plugin. I didn’t follow up on any of that because fully kiosk browser works.

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Quick question, I have a kindle fire rooted running the “fully” browser. I can get the display to turn off with time, and back on with motion. But cannot seem to figure out how to incorporate the “gentle alarm” so when the display goes off, the gentle alarm clock screen turns on.

Thanks for any help!

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Yeah, quick answer is you have to send an intent to Gentle Alarm to start and end.

PM me your email address and I’ll send you my tasker profiles I’m using so you can look through it. Couldn’t figure out how to attach a file to a PM through the forums.

I’m also very interested in that. Can you please send me the tasker profiles too?

Thanks in advance!